Judi Dench Keen to Receive Her Next Injection After Getting First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine

Judi Dench Keen to Receive Her Next Injection After Getting First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine

January 14, 2021

The ‘Skyfall’ actress, 86, opens up about receiving the first injection of her coronavirus vaccine and says she is looking forward to getting the second dose.

AceShowbiz -Dame Judi Dench has had the first dose of her COVID-19 vaccine.

The “Skyfall” actress – who is 86-years-old – recently received the first of her two doses of the coronavirus vaccine and she is keen to get the next one in a few months’ time.

Speaking about having the vaccine, she said, “I have (had the coronavirus vaccine). I had one a week ago so I think my next is something like 11 weeks’ time, that’s a great start!”

And Judi has enjoyed going back to work and admits it was a “huge relief” to not only be able to film during the coronavirus pandemic, but also to do something different.

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She added, “I was going to film something which has been postponed. I was, during this time, able to film with Kenneth Branagh, who wrote and directed a film about his childhood in Belfast … We were all incredible lines to each other, taking every precaution.”

“Everybody wore masks and everything. So we were well looked after. It was a huge relief to do something and it was exciting too at that time. Otherwise you wake up and think, ‘What is the thing I will do today’ and try to get something done.”

The “Victoria and Abdul” star has confessed she struggled without having a “work discipline” whilst she was forced to stay at home amid the coronavirus lockdown last year.

Speaking to BBC News, she shared, “It’s very difficult if you don’t have a work discipline to get yourself started in the morning really. It’s terribly easy just to sit and do nothing.”

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