Joy-Anna Duggar: Mom-Shamed For Letting 2-Year-Old Son Drink Coffee!

Joy-Anna Duggar: Mom-Shamed For Letting 2-Year-Old Son Drink Coffee!

June 10, 2020

The Duggars don’t allow themselves many earthly pleasures.

They don’t drink, they don’t smoke, and they certainly don’t engage in premarital sex.

But that doesn’t mean they’re entirely without vices.

The most obvious Duggar indulgence is food.

Duggar recipes are the stuff of legend on social media.

They’re enough to make a cardiologist weep and a dietician walk away from the profession forever.

Many Duggar moms and dads (but mostly moms, because mom-shaming Duggar women is a bizarrely popular pastime online) have been taken to task for the fatty, salty, sugary foods they feed their kids.

But the latest dietary controversy has nothing to do with the tater-tot casseroles and other abominations that have led fans to marvel at the Duggars’ iron stomachs. 

No, this week, fans are upset about Joy-Anna Duggar’s 2-year-old son — and his unexpected beverage of choice,

Yes, it seems little Gideon loves coffee … or does he?

Joy posted the above photo this week, along with a caption reading:

“A little coffee to get him through the day. Or maybe not… he already has more energy than I can keep up with.”

She added the hashtags:

“#nocoffeeforhim #somuchenergy #GideonMartynForsyth”

Okay, so Joy is sending some mixed messages here — and not surprisingly, fans favored the more scandalous interpretation of her caption.

“Cute shot but you don’t give a one year old coffee or pop (soda),” one fan wrote.

“You will never hear the end of people judging you for the coffee,” another seconded.

Others were more supportive and pointed out that there’s nothing necessarily wrong with a child drinking decaf.

“Let that baby enjoy a sip of momma’s drink!!” one follower noted.

“My 2 yr old granddaughter has been drinking flavored decaf iced coffee randomly for almost a year now. Her pediatrician knows and didn’t say a word about it.”

But does Gideon really drink coffee, or was Joy only joking?

Based on this earlier pic from his father’s Instagram page, it seems the boy really does enjoy some java.

But thankfully, he’s strictly a decaf drinker.

“Coffee in hand, ready to work,” Austin Forsyth captioned the post, adding the hashtag, “#decaf”

“So sweet! Why do you drink decaf?” one follower asked.

“Gid is drinking decaf!” Forsyth replied.

But even knowing that little Gid is sipping decaf, some fans felt the need to express their concerns.

“Gideon is too little for any coffee. It’s not good for him,” one fan commented.

“Give him hot Chocolate instead. I love you guys. I’m not being judgemental.”

“You could just either keep your comment to yourself or say something not judgmental … it’s THEIR child. NOT yours!!” another follower replied.

“Let them raise their own child.”

We don’t love having to side with the Duggars, but we have to agree with them here.

Besides, it could be a lot worse — Gideon could be devouring some of the monstrosities his grandmother prepares in the kitchen.

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