John Cena Finally Reveals Why He Grew His Hair Out And Shocked Fans With His New Hairstyle

John Cena Finally Reveals Why He Grew His Hair Out And Shocked Fans With His New Hairstyle

December 4, 2018

When John Cena debuted his new hairstyle at a WWE event back in October, fans were shocked to see his new look. Most fans know the famed professional wrestler has sported a buzz cut for the vast majority of his career. So, you can probably imagine how shocked fans were when John Cena emerged with longer locks of hair. As expected, most fans wondered what led to the distinct change. According to Hollywood Life, John Cena is finally revealing why he decided to change things up a bit.

On December 3, John Cena appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and, of course, Ellen just had to ask about his new look. In fact, John’s hair became a big topic of discussion during the appearance and, luckily for fans, he finally opened up about the distinct change. While John did admit that the change is still “uncomfortable” he doesn’t have a problem embracing change.

“Why not embrace the uncomfortable for once?” John said. “It’s totally uncomfortable. I just want to go get my eight dollar haircut and now I’m throwing product in my head. I don’t know what I’m doing!”

In fact, John Cena went on to explain why he feels many of his avid WWF and WWE fans blew the haircut debacle completely out of proportion. “I went to film a movie in China and the movie was six months long, and I left with a buzz cut and came back with this,” John revealed.

He continued, “And everyone was like… ‘You ruined my childhood!’ So I’m just trying to figure my life out and my haircut and it’s like… ‘You ruined my life.’ So it’s kind of weird. It was a great exercise in embracing the uncomfortable because apparently I’ve altered the space/time continuum and it’s cool to be able to just try something new.”

As expected, John Cena’s new look has garnered an array of reactions and opinions. While some fans think the new look is sophisticated and sexy, others have described it as “weird.”

After John Cena debuted the new cut, many fans also wondered if he was experiencing a mid-life crisis following his highly publicized break-up from Nikki Bella. John Cena has never been the type of celebrity to speak openly about his personal life but since he and Nikki were together for so long, fans quickly assumed the breakup had a profound effect on him. However, he insists that wasn’t the case.

Since the cut isn’t exactly John Cena’s favorite look, a lot of fans are expecting him to change it up yet again. According to, later this month, John will reportedly be returning to the wrestling ring. Once he’s back in action, fans believe John will embrace his signature buzz cut yet again.

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