Joe Wicks has 'talked fan round' after getting suicidal DMs: 'I can't ignore it'

Joe Wicks has 'talked fan round' after getting suicidal DMs: 'I can't ignore it'

December 31, 2020

Joe Wicks has revealed he’s received suicidal DMs from his fans which he ‘can’t ignore’ and even spent time talking to the person on the phone to help them. 

The fitness guru, 34, told The Times: ‘Receiving suicidal DMs is stressful. It’s emotional. When this woman reached out to me, I thought, “Even if it’s a cry for help, I can’t ignore this message.” 

‘So I jumped on the phone to her. It was difficult because I didn’t know what to say – I’m not a professional. But I managed to talk her round a little bit.’

Joe, who is known as The Body Coach, kept the nation moving with his daily PE With Joe livestreams on YouTube throughout the first lockdown.

He and his training sessions might be famous for showcasing his upbeat personality, but Joe admits it can also be hard to keep smiling when he doesn’t feel like it. 

He explained: ‘PE with Joe was emotionally draining. It was tiring being so upbeat. Some days I just didn’t want to do that, didn’t feel like it. 

‘I went away to Scotland on my motorbike for a few days and that chilled me out.’

Joe donated the profits from PE With Joe to the NHS for their vital work amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and his broadcast on March 23 was the number one trending video of the year on YouTube. 

The dad of two has previously spoken out about his own mental health too, admitting he was finding the uncertainty around the pandemic overwhelming. 

He said on social media in September: ‘I don’t know where I stand and can’t even comprehend where the end is. You know that feeling of powerlessness and confusion is quite a hard feeling to deal with.  

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