Jinger Duggar Shares Cute Pic Of Daughter, 8 Mos., & Fans Love Her Chubby Cheeks

Jinger Duggar Shares Cute Pic Of Daughter, 8 Mos., & Fans Love Her Chubby Cheeks

March 21, 2019

Those cheeks! There’s nothing better than seeing a photo of an adorable baby, and that’s what Jinger Duggar’s fans are saying on Instagram right now. Baby Felicity is somehow getting cuter by the day.

Anyone else have baby fever right now, or is it just us? Jinger Duggar‘s Instagram is pretty much dedicated to sharing pics of her eight-month-old daughter now, and we have no complaints about that. Keep them coming! Her latest pic of darling Felicity Vuolo could be her cutest ever. Little Felicity is sitting on her mom’s lap while she takes a selfie, and fans gushed about her big, blue eyes and chipmunk cheeks. 

“So squeezable!” one fan commented, saying what we’re all thinking. “Stop it!! Pure sugar, that girl!!💖,” another fan wrote. More lovely comments included: “Love those chunky cheeks and big beautiful eyes!” “She’s so adorable! I love those squishable cheeks!” “Cuteness overload!!” “Wow!!! She’s helping Momma it looks like. Felicity is one loved baby girl. She’s precious Jinger.” Some fans started a (nice) debate about whether Felicity looks more like her mom, or her dad, Jeremy Vuolo. Personally, we see a lot of Jeremy. Fans came to the consensus, though, that Felicity’s simply a perfect mix of her parents!

Are we going to see cute pics of a different baby sometime soon? Counting On fans are convinced that Jinger has a bun in the oven after she seemingly dropped some hints. She posted a pic on Instagram on February 19 showing Felicity holding a cup of coffee that says “decaf” on the side. Sure, Jinger could just be cutting back on the caffeine, but the combo of decaf + baby… she could be pregnant!

Those cheeks. ?

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Well, Jinger responded to the fan theory a few days later. According to Jinger, she’s just trying to quit caffeine. “I stopped drinking coffee not for breastfeeding or being pregnant, but because it was affecting my health,” she said on Counting On. “So, I have cut back on coffee. But who knows what mom life will end up doing to me. I think I might end up slipping some in here and there.”

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