Jihoon Lee BLASTS Deavan Clegg in Lengthy Rant: I Never Abused Drascilla!

Jihoon Lee BLASTS Deavan Clegg in Lengthy Rant: I Never Abused Drascilla!

September 29, 2020

90 Day Fiance fans are very well aware that Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee are broken up, even though Jihoon has not granted her a divorce yet.

The The Other Way couple's split may be well known, but the cause has been the subject of a great deal of speculation.

Recently, a report came out claiming — very vaguely — that there were unspecified allegations of abuse in some form at the time of their split and Deavan's return to the US.

As a result, as with Paul and Karine, Deavan and Jihoon will not appear on the Tell All special for Season 2 — TLC is trying to avoid the complicated matter by just not engaging at all.

Despite the lack of information about whatever allegations there are, fans have of course been speculating.

Deavan has remained relatively tight-lipped.

Meanwhile, Jihoon has gone on a lengthy Instagram rant about Deavan, their breakup, her new relationship, and a lot more.

1.Jihoon Lee Has Some Concerns

2.Taeyang …

3.For a time, it worked

4.It worked … until it didn't

5.Deavan has moved on

6.He's no longer a mystery man


8.Deavan has been back in the US for months, now

9.She has said very little

10.As for Jihoon

11."Hello all"

12.Did Jihoon just slack off all of the time?

13.Did he ever get a job?

14.Is he only worried about his appearance these days?

15.This part gets into the most upsetting territory

16.Communication issues

17.His version of the breakup

18.He didn't want to take this to social media

19.Then …

20.More on his parents

21.He has no regrets

22.He didn't want to make this public

23.He means that he is a "shameful father to him"


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