Jessa Duggar of 'Counting On' Defends Putting Tree Up in October, Says 'We Deserve 3 Christmases After a Year Like This'

Jessa Duggar of 'Counting On' Defends Putting Tree Up in October, Says 'We Deserve 3 Christmases After a Year Like This'

October 29, 2020

Christmas just under two months away, but don’t tell that to Jessa Duggar. The Counting On star is already getting into the holiday spirit, as she revealed on Instagram. The mom of three and her husband Ben Seewald decided to deck the halls in October, declaring that they “couldn’t wait” for the holiday to arrive. 

Jessa Duggar gets ready for Christmas

Jessa’s husband Ben revealed in an Oct. 28 social media post that he and Jessa had skipped right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and headed straight for Christmas. He shared a photo of the family’s living room, complete with a lighted tree. 

“She couldn’t wait,” he captioned the post. 

While Jessa is clearly eager for Christmas, she hasn’t totally overlooked the fall holidays. There’s also a pumpkin sitting on the mantelpiece. 

Many ‘Counting On’ fans think Jessa’s idea is a great one 

Jessa’s early Christmas decorations got a mixed reception from fans. A few thought it was way too early to start hanging tinsel. But others said that given the way things have been going in 2020, some holiday joy is much needed. 

“Haha! The Christmas tree next to the pumpkin! That’s very 2020!” one wrote. 

Several people said that they, like Jessa, were considering putting their holiday decor up early.

“This year has been awful and I need some joy. Christmas decorations always bring me joy,” one person commented on Jessa’s Instagram post. 

Jessa defends her early celebration

But Jessa also took heat from a few people, including her sister Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo. On Instagram, he shared a text message convo he had with his sister-in-law where he called her decision to break out the Christmas decorations in October “insanity.”

“An Xmas tree before THANKSGIVING?…BEFORE HALLOWEEN??????” he wrote. “Jessa Jessa Jessa.”

But Jessa defended her plan as “genius.” 

“It’s 2020,” she wrote. “There are no rules. We deserve 3 Christmases after a year like this.”

Anna Duggar, the wife of Jessa’s brother Josh, agreed. “Jessa is a genius! 2020 has desperately needed some Christmas cheer for several months!” she wrote in a comment. 

Still, Jeremy had some concerns. After one person said people should take time to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving, the seminary student agreed. “We need to guard the enjoyment of other holidays. Otherwise, what kind of people are we???” he wrote. 

The Duggar kids are making their own Christmas traditions

Jessa’s early tree isn’t the first time members of the Duggar family have gone their own way when it comes to celebrating the holiday. When Jessa was a child, her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had only a small, table-top tree. Instead, they hung a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” banner in their home and focused on the religious aspects of the holiday. While they did exchange presents, there were no visits from Santa. 

As the Duggar kids have moved out and started their own families, they’ve found new ways to celebrate. Most of them now have full-size Christmas trees in their home, though it’s not clear if their kids get visits from Santa. Perhaps Jessa’s early Christmas decorations will become another new Duggar family tradition. 

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