Jeremy Clarkson angers Welsh as he calls win against Ukraine ‘biggest disaster in history’

Jeremy Clarkson angers Welsh as he calls win against Ukraine ‘biggest disaster in history’

June 6, 2022

Ukraine coach apologises after defeat to Wales

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Jeremy Clarkson has enraged Welsh football fans on Twitter with his comments about their recent win against Ukraine. On Sunday, Wales beat Ukraine in the playoff to qualify for their first World Cup finals since 1958.

Jeremy, 62, sparked outrage on Twitter after speaking out against the win in view of his 7.7 million followers. 

He tweeted yesterday evening: “A momentous win for sure but also the biggest PR disaster in Welsh history.”

The Clarkson’s Farm presenter was pointing out that a win against Ukraine could not be a completely celebratory occasion for Wales, given that the former country is currently being invaded by Russia. 

Some people weren’t too pleased with Jeremy’s take on the situation, however. 

Wales’ victory means the country will compete in the World Cup for the first time in more than 60 years, which made it an emotional day for many. 

The Welsh were over the moon to achieve such a feat after beating Ukraine 1-0 at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Addressing Jeremy’s views on the match, one Twitter user ThisIsMyCorner hit back: “Jog on. If you are English keep your comments to yourself.” (sic)

Gavin Lloyd Branch penned: “Nah, 64 years we’ve waited, proud.”

Jeremy then replied: “It’s just sad it had to be Ukraine. Well done though.”

Paigey commented: “You’re joking? It’s a moment of pride in Welsh History. 

“Calling it anything else is insulting. 64 years since the last WC, so much work to get to this moment, started under Gary Speed and the Welsh FA deserve a huge amount of respect. Get out of here with this nonsense.”

Neil Atkins added: “Welsh are there through merit can’t take that away. What’s happening in Ukraine is awful but they don’t need to win everything now.”

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However, Marcus M agreed with Jeremy, writing: “Indeed. Everyone’s going to want Wales to lose now… Except the Welsh.

“Hmm… Actually nothing’s really changed.”

“As a Welsh person I’m absolutely thrilled but riddled with guilt!” added Helen Johns.

In the 34th minute of the Cardiff-held match, Ukraine’s captain Andriy Yarmolenko headed the ball into his own net as he tried to block a free-kick from Gareth Bale.

In turn, Welsh goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey made nine saves during the game, stopping Ukraine from managing to score any goals. 

The result means Wales will go on to play in Qatar this November, alongside England, Iran and the USA.

Captain Gareth Bale told Sky Sports following the win: “The result is the greatest result in the history of Welsh football. We’re ecstatic – we’re going to a World Cup.

“I’m speechless. We’re so happy. We did it for all our amazing fans and words can’t describe how I’m feeling at the moment.”

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