Jason Momoa Ripped The Pages Out Of Amber Heard's Books On The Set Of "Aquaman"

Jason Momoa Ripped The Pages Out Of Amber Heard's Books On The Set Of "Aquaman"

December 7, 2018

Jason Momoa is what you might call a very hot person, and sometimes very hot people get used to being the center of attention. So what happens when a very hot person doesn’t get the attention they’re accustomed to? They pull some Marvel/DC cross-over shenanigans in which Aquaman channels his inner Hulk.

Amber Heard was on Good Morning America, and say she loves book and  spent most of her downtime on the set of Aquaman reading. The crew even built Amber her own little hanging book bag made out of green screen material. The reason it was a hanging bag was because Amber was often hooked into a harness suspended from above. Jason didn’t like Amber spending time with books instead of him so he trashed them.

“We had so much fun together, but he is allergic to being ignored. And I am a bookworm…so whenever there’s a break on set, I like to read. So he quickly learned, he adopted this method of ripping out the pages of my book, so I’d pay attention to him. And it would drive me crazy, because I’d have thirty pages left, and they’d be gone.”

GMA host Lara Spencer remarked: “That’s actually cruel.” And a good number of people on the internet agreed. Many thought Jason’s “prank” was an asshole move. Book Twitter dragged him.

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