James Jordan and wife Ola’s concerns about dancing after Strictly shared by ITV co-star

James Jordan and wife Ola’s concerns about dancing after Strictly shared by ITV co-star

April 30, 2022

James Jordan provides update on daughter Ella's health

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Former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan was “very nervous” ahead of performing on Strictly The Real Full Monty last year, according to Love Island star Demi Jones. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Demi, 23, spoke about her experience of learning to dance with James and his Strictly wife Ola Jordan while raising awareness of life-saving cancer checks by baring all.

They were also very nervous because they hadn’t danced for such a long time

Demi Jones

Last year took part in Strictly The Full Monty which saw a whole host of stars get their kit off to raise awareness for cancer.

In the interview, the flame-haired Love Islander gushed over her time stripping off for the good cause last year.

She said: “On the first day- they didn’t actually show this on TV – but on the first day we had a dance and they put us in couples to try and get us used to each other.

“They put me with James and James said I was a complete natural!”

Demi went on: “A Strictly professional said I was a natural on my first day, so I was absolutely buzzing, they’re so amazing.”

However, Demi admitted that James and Jordan both had reservations about the dance having left the popular BBC dance show years before.

She explained: “But again, they were also very nervous because they hadn’t danced for such a long time, since they left Strictly.

“And obviously you’re still getting naked, which is still the scariest part of the whole thing, really.

“The dancing is just that a little part of it because we’re so worried about the final,” Demi admitted.

When asked whether she had Strictly on her radar, Demi revealed that she’d jump at the chance to appear on the BBC programme.

She said: “Oh my god if Strictly Come Dancing come knocking I’d probably cry.

“I’d absolutely love to do it, I don’t think they’d had a Love Islander before but hopefully in the future, I can change their minds.

“But I haven’t had a call since I did the Full Monty so maybe they weren’t impressed by my dancing so far,” she added.

Demi bared all on The Real Full Monty following her brutal battle with thyroid cancer.

The star was diagnosed with the potentially deadly disease back in May after developing a golf ball-sized tumour in her neck, leading to her undergoing multiple surgeries to combat it.

“I’M CANCER FREE!!!! I did it!” Demi captioned her image on Instagram.

She went on: “I got my full body scan results back and there’s not a single cancer cell left in my body.”

The relieved star added: “It’s been such a difficult year mentally and physically for me with my surgeries and treatment but I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s kindness and support over this past year.

“I will continue to be an advocate for cancer awareness and all my love and strength goes out to those who continue to fight this awful disease.

“Here’s to a healthy and happy 2022” she ended the post.

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