Jack Whitehall recalls ‘traumatic’ experience with Jamie Laing in The Maldives

Jack Whitehall recalls ‘traumatic’ experience with Jamie Laing in The Maldives

October 15, 2021

Jack Whitehall shares ‘traumatic’ experience with Jamie Laing

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Jack Whitehall, 33, appeared on this evening’s The One Show and revealed a weird experience he had with Jamie Laing, 32. The comedian told viewers about his “traumatic” experience that happened a few years ago when he was on holiday in The Maldives.

You can’t really get off the island so he was stuck with me.

Jamie Laing

The actor and comedian appeared on BBC’s The One Show alongside Jamie this evening when he made the surprise revelation.

Presenters Angelica Bell and Harry Judd of McFly asked Jack if he could tell them a story he had on Jamie.

Jack replied: “I will tell you one very traumatic experience I had which was when I went on holiday to The Maldives a couple of years ago with my girlfriend.

“I travelled for what felt like days and I arrived on this island and walked to my room which was one of those wooden cabins looking out to the ocean which was idyllic.

“I walked out and I heard this cackle and I turned to my left and he [Jamie] was in the room next to me and for a moment I thought he followed me from London then I realised it was just chance.”

By this point hosts Harry and Angellica were beyond invested in Jack’s strange story.

After Jack noticed Jamie he went back into his cabin and locked himself in the bathroom in a panic, telling his girlfriend they were going to have to leave the island.

Jack continued: “As we are having this discussion I look down in the bathroom and this bathroom had this glass floor so you could look down into the ocean and look at all the fish swimming around and I see him with the snorkel and the goggles.”

Jamie replied: “You can’t really get off the island so he was stuck with me.”

Jack joked: “I couldn’t go to the loo for a week because I was worried every time I went to the loo that he would be in there waving.”

Jamie then told Jack that he was waiting for him every day in the bathroom.

Viewers of the show expressed their opinion on the tale on Twitter.

Slinehan1 said: “Jamie Laing and Jack Whitehall never fail to make me smile, great guys.”

JanettePalfrey added: “Great show tonight, such a laugh!”

Also on the show, Jack and Jamie were asked to share embarrassing stories about one another, with Jamie regaling viewers of the time a teenage Jack cried.

Jamie revealed Jack told his parents he had caught his sister smoking a cigarette at a party.

Jack responded: “Also, the worst thing is I think I was about 18.

“I was way too old to be traumatised at that age from seeing someone smoking.”

Presenter Harry then swiftly changed the topic onto Jamie’s new BBC show I Like the Way U Move.

Jack was on the show to promote the final series of Travels With My Father on Netflix.

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