‘It’s irrelevant!’ Michael Ball hits out at mention of 20-year age gap with partner Cathy

‘It’s irrelevant!’ Michael Ball hits out at mention of 20-year age gap with partner Cathy

July 23, 2021

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Michael Ball, 58, has blasted those who bring up the age gap between him and his partner Cathy McGowan, 78. The pair have been together since 1992 after a chance meeting when she interviewed him when he was part of the cast of the 1989 musical, Apects of Love.

Why does it make any difference?

Michael Ball

Their love is certainly the real deal with the singer often gushing over their “strong partnership” and sweetly praised Cathy for being his biggest supporter.

But their 20-year age difference is something that often pops up in conversation with people; a sentiment that Michael admitted is irritating and “irrelevant” when it comes to love.

“I just love her. She’s a unique, wonderful person,” he said in a 2019 interview with Express.co.uk.

“She’s taught me so much and she’s made me laugh like a drain – and vice versa.”

But when the age difference cropped up, a small cloud drifted briefly across his brow.

“People sometimes ask about the age difference,” he said, a little irritably.

“It’s irrelevant. No one would mention it if I were the older one.

“Why does it make any difference?”

In a recent interview with Platinum Magazine, he revealed he “couldn’t imagine life without”.

“She had her career and is more than happy that the focus is on me now, and she’s the best at giving me advice and strength and looking after me,” he explained.

“I remember she came to interview me [for the musical Aspects Of Love] and at first we were friends and then it was more than that.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without her,” he said.

He continued to discuss aspects of their relationship, adding: “Every night is a date night with Cathy!

“I’m too old to be a toyboy, and age has never been an issue or thought about.

“We’ve been together about 30 years now, and all I can say is I wish I looked as young as she does, because she looks amazing!”

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