India.Arie Blasts ‘Stupid’ Jack Harlow After He Just Found Out Ray J and Brandy Are Siblings

India.Arie Blasts ‘Stupid’ Jack Harlow After He Just Found Out Ray J and Brandy Are Siblings

May 13, 2022

The ‘Steady Love’ songstress furiously calls out the ‘WHATS POPPIN’ spitter on social media after he discovered that the ‘One Wish’ hitmaker and ‘The Boy Is Mine’ songstress are siblings.

AceShowbizIndia.Arie has a few things to say after seeing a clip of Jack Harlow finding out that Ray J and Brandy are siblings. Taking to social media, the “Steady Love” songstress blasted the “WHATS POPPIN” spitter.

On Thursday, May 12, the Grammy-winning songstress took to Instagram Story to lash out at the 24-year-old rapper. “Just because you make black misic [sic] doesnt mean you know black culture. if U dont know Brandys voice when you hear it …. WHO EVEN ARE YOU?” she ranted.

“When an ACTUAL MUSICIAN! WHO MAKES BLACK MUSIC! Deduces one of the industries MOST IMPORTANT VOICES! To Ray Jay’s SISTER? who is famous (mostly) for his Proximity to Kim Kardashian,” India continued, “And WE HEAR @brandy Influence Eh-VER-REE-WHERE! PLEANTY [sic] of Non black signers [sic] (Ask them). Even MALE singers. Gospel singers. AND PEOPLE KNOW RAY J BETTER?” She then concluded her post as saying, “The s**ts STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID!”

During an interview with Hot 97, which was published on Wednesday, May 11, Jack was challenged to a game in which he had to guess the song that’s playing. At one point, host Ebro Darden played Brandy’s 1998 hit, “Angel in Disguise”, which the rapper didn’t recognize and guessed it’s Aaliyah‘s.

Ebro and his co-host Laura Stylez later encouraged Jack to keep guessing as they eventually started giving him hints. “She had a TV show. She starred in a TV show,” Laura told Jack, referring to Brandy’s current role as the star of ABC’s musical drama series “Queens“.

While Jack was still stumped, radio host Peter Rosenberg gave him another hint, saying, “Her brother is the reason a lot of people are famous,” with Ebro adding, “Her brother had an amazing sex tape.”Jack then quickly asked, “Who’s Ray J’s sister?”

With the jaw-dropping moment, the radio hosts revealed that Brandy sings “Angel in Disguise”, to which Jack said in disbelief, “Brandy and Ray J are siblings?” He later confessed, “Nobody’s ever told me that in my life.”

As the video of the interview began to spread on Twitter, many online users criticized Jack as he performs music created and nurtured by the black community but doesn’t know some basic knowledge about some of the genre’s most influential stars. “Not recognizing Brandy’s voice is why he shouldn’t be doing black music,” one person wrote.

“I’m so love with the irony how white rappers shoot to stardom using black culture’s music genre yet so many of them can’t tell you s**t about black culture when involving R&B or Hip Hop,” another person opined. “It’s not his place to know this seeing that he’s young but damn homie is in the industry!!”

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