If the Duke & Duchess of Sussex are expecting a girl, will they name her Diana?

If the Duke & Duchess of Sussex are expecting a girl, will they name her Diana?

February 8, 2019

During all three of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancies, there were people who swore up and down that William and Kate would name their first daughter “Diana,” after William’s late mother. While Princess Charlotte does have Diana as a middle name, I never believed that Diana was up for grabs as a first name. That’s a lot of legacy for one baby, and it’s just too much of a life-long comparison. I feel the same way about Prince Harry and Meghan’s baby. I believe it’s going to be a girl. And while Diana might end up as a middle name, I really don’t think they would give their baby girl the first name Diana. But that’s what people think will happen:

Bookmakers have been forced to suspend the market on the gender of Meghan and Harry’s baby after an overwhelming number of bets were placed on the royal couple welcoming a girl. The pregnant duchess, 37, is due to give birth to her first child with Prince Harry in April, but the gender of the baby is not yet known. However over the weekend Betfair received a flurry of activity betting on a baby girl, and were forced to stop taking bets on the sex of the baby.

Additionally they saw the odds of the couple naming their child after Harry’s late mother Diana, who tragically passed away in 1997 aged just 36, rocket to an 8/1 favourite. Betfair Spokesperson Katie Baylis said: ‘We haven’t seen too much betting on this market for a while, but tonight all of a sudden we have seen a flurry of betting activity on the baby to a girl. So much so that we’ve had to suspend the market and stop taking bets on the sex of the baby. If the punters are anything to go by, then we could have a new Princess in a couple of months’ time.’

Speaking about the favourite names, she added: ‘Diana is the 8/1 favourite, with Alice at 13/1 and Grace at 14/1 for the name of child.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I felt like Alice was on Will & Kate’s shortlist too, especially if Prince Lou had ended up a girl. Prince Lou totally could have been a Princess Alice. And I still believe Will and Kate will have another baby too, so maybe they’re “saving” that name? ROYAL FEUD: Meg and Kate are fighting over baby names!! I also don’t think Grace will happen as a first name, although I love that name. I just think Grace Sussex doesn’t sound great. What other names are on the table? Doria? Rachel, which is Meghan’s first name? I can’t imagine Victoria will be the shortlist. I could see them going slightly unconventional, and then popping Diana on as the middle name. Like, Maisie Diana Elizabeth Sussex. It will depend on whether Harry and Meghan’s kids will get the prince/princess titles too, which isn’t certain.

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