How Many Kids Does Morgan Wallen Have?

How Many Kids Does Morgan Wallen Have?

February 19, 2022

Country music star Morgan Wallen has had an eventful 12 months, facing a firestorm of self-induced controversy while jumping into the rigors of parenthood. While his music career seems to be on the mend, Wallen has seemingly relished his chance to show off his baby son, Indigo “Indie” Wilder. Although, parenting with an ex proves to have its challenges. Read on for more about how Wallen is adjusting to parenthood and a new phase as a musician.

Morgan Wallen makes it work with ex-girlfriend Katie Smith

Born on July 10, 2020, Indie created plenty of buzz as he entered the world, bringing the spotlight onto Wallen’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Katie Smith. Smith and Wallen were briefly engaged after they started dating in 2017. However, the relationship fizzled at some point in 2019. Despite breaking up, Wallen dryly told People, “Obviously, we still saw each other some” after acknowledging conception occurred post-relationship.

Although the couple is no longer romantically involved, the 28-year-old still strikes an upbeat tone when discussing co-parenting. Wallen said he’s “thankful” to be raising a son with Smith. Born in Key West, Florida, Smith lives with Indie in Wallen’s adopted hometown of Nashville. As Taste of Country reports, Smith’s Instagram amassed followers post-birth as fans hope to watch the two raise Indie.

The general aura of happiness doesn’t mean co-parenting has been easy. Reflecting on the tricky situation, Wallen explained he didn’t imagine starting a family like this. He also quickly pointed out both parents’ commitment to Indie. In a public statement of support shortly after Indie’s birth, Wallen said he wants to be “the Dad you deserve as well as the co-parent your mother deserves.”

Wallen and Smith have co-parented amid his controversy

While the summer of 2020 was filled with parental firsts for Wallen, controversy soon pushed him back into the public eye. After being temporarily shelved by Saturday Night Live for not following pandemic protocols, the singer received major backlash when he was caught on camera using the N-word, which went viral last February. Following the incident, Wallen experienced a suspended record contract, canceled tour, and an outpouring of criticism from fellow country stars.  

The controversy surrounding the infamous video had a trickle-down effect on Smith, who was slammed with inquiries after the video surfaced. She let her feelings fly on her Instagram page. In a call for empathy, Smith stressed the need for forgiveness and lamented that people want to tear down others.

Wallen’s subsequent apology tour wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. The country music star initially struggled to find the right tone. In an interview with Good Morning America, Wallen attempted to pass the racist language off as “playful.” However, he did circle back and condemn his actions as “wrong” and “ignorant.”

Wallen continued to work on his apology. Temperatures cooled considerably by the time Smith and Wallen celebrated Indie’s first birthday.

Morgan Wallen’s music has returned to radio and streaming platforms

After being reinstated by his label, Big Loud Records, Wallen is now taking on fatherhood alongside a rejuvenating music career. While the singer hasn’t completely shaken the controversy, his music has returned to the airwaves after a temporary ban last year by some of the biggest broadcasters in the country. According to Rolling Stone, his song “Sand in My Boots” essentially ended the ban at the end of last summer, bringing Wallen’s music back into circulation after half a year in the penalty box.

Looking to expand his cultural horizons and possibly continue rehabbing his image, Wallen dropped a single, “Broadway Girls,” in December with Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Durk. He even appeared at the MLK Freedom Fest with Lil Durk. The rapper went to bat for Wallen by telling TMZ that Wallen is anything but canceled.

As a young father coming off a wild year, Wallen is now embarking on an extensive 2022 tour. Notable on the tour schedule: a lengthy break in July around the time of Indie’s second birthday.

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