How has Holly Willoughby turned into a savvy businesswoman?

How has Holly Willoughby turned into a savvy businesswoman?

December 2, 2018

She’s now one of the highest paid female TV presenters – earning a reported £500k for 21 days co-hosting with Declan Donnelly on I’m A Celeb, her £600k This Morning wage and £100k for a M&S clothing deal – but Holly Willoughby, 37, once revealed she had fears over her finances as a teenager. ‘Back then I was paranoid about money. I kept notes on everything I was spending.’

Here, we share her tips on getting to the top…

‘Mum looks after my finances’

Holly doesn’t just get her youthful looks from her “glamour puss” mum Linda. Beneath the beauty of a good gene pool, she once revealed her mum is the brains behind her bank account. ‘My mother helps to look after my finances,’ said Holly. ‘She has a really good money ethic…She chops and changes my accounts. She is of the generation that if she can save 50p, she will. She [Mum] knows how much money I earn. She has access to everything. She has power of attorney.

In the book she published with BFF Fearne Cotton, titled The Best Friend’s Guide to Life, Holly added, ‘She has saved me so much money in the past, it makes sense…she is far better than I am at anything like that.’

Be a savvy shopper

Holly has become a fashion icon as co-host of ITV’s This Morning – her outfits start trending #hwstyle and often end up being a sell out. But before Holly had a stylist, she opted for cheaper glam wear. She said, ‘I really hate paying a huge amount of money for anything. And you don’t really need to. The high street gets the stuff from the catwalk really quickly.’

If you feel crap, don’t show it

She’s all smiley on TV, from the early days of her career on Ministry of Mayhem to This Morning, but Holly once admitted she doesn’t bring her off days into the office. ‘The work I do is exciting. I am presenting and designing my own clothing range. Sometimes it goes wrong, but that’s all part of the journey… There are days when I feel a bit crap but I would never show that.’

Holly’s no “pushover”

Whether it’s sitting on the sofa with co-host Phillip Schofield, or heading into camp with Dec, Holly previously revealed when it comes to the workplace she’s happy to have a subordinate role but warned, ‘I am not a pushover’. She said, ‘I like a big powerful woman boss. I am very happy to play second fiddle to her. I get on well with women. I am not a pushover. I am just a bit more silent at getting my own way…’

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