Hot Sluts Of The Day!

Hot Sluts Of The Day!

April 25, 2019

The dog friends whose casual Sunday stroll required police protection!

There were Easter parades all over the land on Sunday, but I can guarantee that none of them came close to matching the entertainment value and awww-ness of the impromptu (or was it?) parade that went down in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

Jim Lyons tells The Boston Globe (in a front page story, I’m sure) that he was pulling out of an ice cream shop on Easter when he noticed that there were zero cars on the road, and that’s when he spotted two dogs casually strolling in the middle of the damn street without a damn care in the world. Those dogs didn’t give a fuck about getting ran over and they didn’t have to since a police escort was behind them, making sure no car messed with them.

The police chief said that an officer caught the dogs running down the middle of Main Street and tried to tame them, but they’re a couple of Miley Cyruses (only they’re house trained), because they can’t be tamed. So the officer gave them a police escort before the dogs got bored with giving the people a parade of adorableness and exited stage left.

Tewksbury deputy police chief John Voto said the officer behind the dogs had escorted them down Main Street for about a half-mile before they veered off the road and into a swampy area.

“He tried to corral the dogs, but they were not having any part of it,” Voto said. “So he just made them safe by following with the cruiser.”

Jim posted the clip on his Facebook and Twitter of the dogs causing chaos (this is chaos for Tewksbury, okay?) by simply struttin’ their shit down the street. Tewk, tewk, tewk it, bitch!

In related news, officials of Tewksbury have all resigned from their jobs, because it’s obvious to them and everyone else that those dogs now RUN. THIS. TOWN.

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