Hollyoaks star Daisy Wood Davis left in tears as bookshelf almost falls on baby son

Hollyoaks star Daisy Wood Davis left in tears as bookshelf almost falls on baby son

May 12, 2023

Hollyoaks actress Daisy Wood Davis was left near to tears after she recounted the horror of having a bookshelf fall on her and her baby son.

The 32 year old actress, who shares one year old son Asa with fellow Hollyoaks actor Luke Jerdy, took to her Instagram Stories to reveal what had happened.

Sharing an image of her cradling the youngster, Daisy, who took on the role of Kim Butterfield in the popular soap, sported smudged mascara beneath her eyes, which hinted that she had been crying.

In a lengthy caption alongside the snap, the soap star wrote: "Parenting is no joke. I spent the sacred nap time arguing with my accountant (whole other story). I then woke him up to have his bookshelf fall on top of us (thank god I was there to stop it falling on him)."

Daisy further recounted her turmoil, writing: "Then 20 minutes later he fell out the front door. He's fine but my nerves are shot to s**t and I would like to wrap him up in cotton wool, keep him on this sofa and get myself an IV drip of wine please and yes, my face is completely tear stained as I cried after all 3 events."

She went on to share an image of the fallen bookshelf, along with scattered books on the floor.

Continuing in the caption, Daisy wrote: "Could've been really dangerous and ultimately my fault, so feel really disappointed in myself but hey, that's motherhood. Hope this may be a reminder for you to check that your bookshelves aren't being over filled and are as secure as possible."

In a later Instagram Story, Daisy shared her gratitude towards her fans who had checked in to see if she was okay after the incident.

"I'm honestly so thankful to the mums who have messaged me after my stories yesterday not only asking if I'm ok but being so generous with their own stories of accidents happening with their children," she wrote alongside a snap of her son in a stroller.

Daisy continued: "It's so kind, and while I take no joy in hearing about a child accidentally hurting themselves I can't tell you how much it helped to realise it really does happen to the best of us.

"Parenthood is something that can sometimes make us feel isolated and divide us, but I learnt yesterday that when you're open and honest, you really do see the best in people and feel less alone," she concluded with a red heart emoji.

Daisy and Luke, who wed in June 2022, welcomed baby Asa in September 2021, and in their announcement caption, Luke wrote: "Asa Sean Wood-Mehdizadeh was born on Tuesday 28th September at 9:50am – the same date as my Grandad, who died in the same month Asa was conceived.

"The song playing on our speaker when he was born was 'Back to Life' by Soul II Soul, which was completely random as Spotify had started to shuffle songs similar to last played. Asa means 'healer' in Hebrew and I feel like he has already brought so much healing to me and my family."


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