Hayley Williams Says Stories Of Sexual Abuse In Music Industry Make Her ‘Stomach Hurt’

July 23, 2020

Hayley Williams said on social media that stories of sexual abuse in the music industry make her “stomach hurt.”

“Have been reading a lot of statements from friends and peers in the music scene who have all experienced sexual and other kinds of abuse at the hands of dues in bands or other parts of our industry. It makes my stomach hurt and my eyes red,” she wrote in a lengthy note on Instagram Monday.

“It’s so crazy to me how frontwomxn can be such powerful inspiration to so many young people, who see us as very much ‘in control’ of ourselves and our immediate surroundings when we’re up on a stage,” said the frontwoman of the rock band Paramore.

She admits that frontwomen, who are also human beings, are vulnerable and feel shame just like any other young person.

“We must continue to call out improper behavior and hold each other to a higher standard of respect and empathy,” in the opinion of the 31-year-old singer.

(Photo: Lindsey Byrnes)

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