Hailey Baldwin Reveals Exactly How Justin Bieber Proposed To Her & Talks Her Wedding Dress

Hailey Baldwin Reveals Exactly How Justin Bieber Proposed To Her & Talks Her Wedding Dress

February 9, 2019

Finally! We learned the real story on how Justin Bieber popped the big question to Hailey Baldwin, and who he had to get ‘permission’ from first. Hailey even reveals the color of her wedding dress.

Hailey Baldwin, 22, — or rather, Mrs. Bieber — answered not only Vogue’s 73 questions, but our own! The model finally appeased our curiosity and revealed how Justin Bieber, 24, proposed in early July 2018. “We were on a trip to the Bahamas and we were alone in a house, just the two of us,” Hailey said in the 73 Questions segment, uploaded on Feb. 8. She added, “It was very special.” She also admitted that “getting engaged” was the “biggest surprise” of her life! Stephen Baldwin wasn’t as surprised, however. Hailey said that the “Sorry” singer sought her dad’s permission before asking for her hand in marriage! This story keeps getting sweeter.

The marriage talk wasn’t over, as Hailey helped us picture what her wedding dress will look like. “I can’t say much, but I can say it’s kind of like an off-white color,” she revealed. Although Hailey legally married the Biebs in a New York City courthouse on Spet. 13, 2018, the couple is now planning the public wedding — A-list guests, table centerpieces and all! The exact date hasn’t been pinpointed, as they rescheduled the nuptials for a third time, according to TMZ. Hailey and Justin were originally looking at the weekend of Justin’s birthday, March 1, to exchange vows. Now, “they have discussed both Halloween and Hailey’s birthday [Nov. 22] as times to get married officially,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

Hailey’s 73 Questions interview was conducted exactly 17 hours and 19 minutes before her and Justin’s first ever magazine cover as a married couple dropped! Dressed in matrimony white, they graced the front of Vogue, the same outlet that drilled Hailey with the questions you can watch below.

Hailey revealed even more sweet details about JB above, including the trait she admires most about her new husband and their texting habits. Can we fast forward to the altar already?

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