Hailey Baldwin Debuts Radical ‘Chopped’ Hair Cut And Admits To ‘Snooping’ On Husband Justin Bieber’s Phone

Hailey Baldwin Debuts Radical ‘Chopped’ Hair Cut And Admits To ‘Snooping’ On Husband Justin Bieber’s Phone

December 13, 2018

Model Hailey Baldwin decided to radically change her look with a chopped haircut this past Tuesday. On Wednesday, she debuted a photo of the new style on her Instagram story just a few hours after posting a snap of her hair before the cut.

In the photo, the model’s straight blonde hair barely extends past her chin while showing off her long neck. She is dressed in an orange T-shirt with a decal of a snowy mountain range and has her lips glossed with a dark red color. She added the word “chopped” to the photo just under her chin and covered her eyes with two heart emojis.

She followed up with another photo posted to her Instagram story featuring her in the same position and outfit but with added kitten ears and a nose to the photo.

The 22-year-old model posted the photos showing off her haircut to her story shortly after showcasing a behind-the-scenes shot from a V Magazine photo shoot. Hailey can be seen with her face perfectly made up, highlighting her green eyes with black-winged eyeliner and silver eyeshadow. She is positioned with her side to the camera and poses with her head turned as she gazes directly towards the lens. She has her pink lips slightly parted and her long, thick blonde hair cascades around her face and shoulders, eventually disappearing from the frame. She is dressed in a white sweater, pairing the look with gold hoop earrings.

On the most recent episode of Carpool Karaoke, Hailey appeared alongside her close pal Kendall Jenner and singer Miley Cyrus, according to the Daily Mail. During the conversation, Kendall asked Hailey if she’s “ever snooped on a boyfriend’s phone.”

Hailey responded with “yes I have,” leading many fans to wonder as to whether she meant her husband and singer Justin Bieber or if she was referring to one of her past romances.

Hailey and Justin got engaged in July and were reportedly seen obtaining a marriage license at a New York courthouse in September. However, the couple didn’t reveal that they were married until November. The Daily Mail also reported that the couple is planning to have Christian nuptials in either Canada or upstate New York and that Hailey took steps to obtain the Bieber name in October.

The brief engagement followed an even shorter whirlwind romance that began after a brief on-again period between Justin and his on-off ex Selena Gomez.

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