Gregg Sulkin Plays With Puppies As He Urges Fans To Adopt Homeless Animals In New PETA Ad

Gregg Sulkin Plays With Puppies As He Urges Fans To Adopt Homeless Animals In New PETA Ad

December 12, 2018

Adopt, don’t shop! That’s the message Gregg Sulkin wants to get across in his new ad for PETA, and HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE first look at his campaign. Check it out here!

Gregg Sulkin is the latest star to serve as a spokesperson for PETA, and you can check out an EXCLUSIVE look at his campaign here. In his PETA ad, Gregg poses with his arm wrapped around a dog, with a message urging fans to consider adoption when they want a pet. “Adopt Don’t Shop,” the ad reads. “Begin a lifelong friendship at your local animal shelter.” Along with the print ad, Gregg also stars in a video for PETA, in which she can be seen playing with dogs while discussing why he’s so passionate about the adoption process.

“I think there’s a very special bond between a human and a dog,” he says in the video. “Thankfully, I’ve been able to experience that bond personally. Me and dogs just kind of get each other. I think I’m a dog uncle to a few of my friends’ dogs, for sure. I’m a very proud dog uncle, soon to be dog father, for sure. It’s a matter of time before I get a dog. I love them, I want to take care of them. When you walk through the door and the dog comes up to you, there’s no better feeling. I’m excited to have that back in my life. I think adopting is crucial. Unfortunately, there are too many dogs out there who’ve been mistreated. For me, it’s important for those dogs to be given extra love – more love than they’ve been given. I grew up in a very loving family, so I think dogs should have that exact same experience. If you’re looking to adopt a dog, please know there are many shelters around your area and in your community. Please go adopt — don’t buy.”

Sadly, more than 6 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters every year, according to PETA. About half of those end up being euthanized because they aren’t given a home, while many others simply wind up in danger on the streets. Gregg and PETA are teaming up to lower this number by limiting the number of animals purchased from breeders and pet stores.

Gregg is just one of many celebrities to have teamed up with PETA to promote kindness to animals. Other stars, like Bella Thorne, Noah Cyrus, Hayes Grier, and plenty more, have also joined forces with the brand. You can get more information about all of PETA’s campaigns and services at

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