Grace Hightower wants Robert De Niro divorce to be public, source says

Grace Hightower wants Robert De Niro divorce to be public, source says

February 3, 2019

Robert De Niro’s estranged wife, Grace Hightower, is torturing the publicity shy actor by forcing him to go to court and run a gantlet of reporters and photographers, a source close to the actor says.

The famously private De Niro initially filed for divorce in December under “Anonymous v. Anonymous.”

“This could be resolved very privately and quietly behind closed doors,” my source told me. But Grace wants to “drag this out.”

Hightower’s lawyer Allan Mantel told me, “Ask Mr. De Niro,” when I asked why the divorce is in court. “He’s the one who started the action.”

The “Raging Bull” actor looked pained last week at the courthouse as he tried hiding his face from photographers behind a newspaper and chastised a reporter: “You’re not smart doing your job like this.”

The couple reportedly have a prenuptial agreement. Mantel said, “I’m not going to discuss specifics.”

Hightower and De Niro are battling over visitation and custody of their two children, especially their 7-year-old daughter. Their son is 20 and autistic.

“He just wants to see his kid, but she’s being difficult,” De Niro’s longtime associate said. “He’s 75. He doesn’t really care about the money.”

Hightower’s strategy will backfire said this source: “Bob would have preferred to not go to court, and she would do better by not going to court, but she’s forcing Bob to give her less money.”

The two are due back before the judge on Thursday.

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