Geddy Lee Dishes On New Bass Book

Geddy Lee Dishes On New Bass Book

December 19, 2018

Rush frontman Geddy Lee‘s “definitive book about the bass guitar” will be published today.

Lee, who has a collection of more than 200 vintage bass guitars, said it was his realization that there wasn’t a sort of definitive book about the bass guitar that provided the impetus for him to write the book, Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

“I felt the bass guitar was not only under-represented in terms of books, but the beauty of some of these instruments has never been properly captured. So that’s when the idea of the book sort of came to me…as not only a rationalizing for why I collect all these basses but also perhaps a useful reference book for people looking to find a particular bass,” Lee told Billboard.

The 408 page coffee-table book features the sonic and physical nuances of 250 basses, collectors’ tales, vivid photographs and interviews with great guitarists such as John Paul Jones, Adam Clayton, Robert Trujillo, Les Claypool and Bill Wyman.

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