‘Empire’: Is [Spoiler] Going To Die? — EP Breaks Down Fall Finale & What’s Next

‘Empire’: Is [Spoiler] Going To Die? — EP Breaks Down Fall Finale & What’s Next

December 6, 2018

The ‘Empire’ fall finale dropped a huge clue about who could be in the coffin. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the show’s EP about the mystery, the fallout of Kingsley’s confession to the Lyons, and more!

In the final moments of the Empire season 5 fall finale, Andre is in the hospital and flatlining. While it may seem like this means Andre is definitely the person in the coffin from the flash forwards, but show runner Brett Mahoney revealed that it’s not a sure thing just yet. “There could be a chance he’s not the one in the coffin, but there’s also a chance he could be the one in the coffin,” Brett told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I will say that Andre faces life and death circumstances when we go into the back half of the season.”  As for what “life and death circumstances” Andre will be facing, Brett teased that Andre  “tries to keep secrets about what he’s dealing with. When Lucious and Cooke find out, it’s dynamite. It’s like a bomb exploding.”

How long will fans have to wait for the big reveal about who died? “You are going to get answers, but you will not know who is in that coffin until the end of the season,” Brett said. ” here will be hints along the way, and I actually don’t think we have any flash forwards in the second half of the season, so everything we do in the second half of the season is catching up to the flash forwards you’ve seen.”

The fall finale also featured Kingsley telling the world that he’s Lucious Lyon’s son. Andre goes right up to Kingsley and vows to “end” Kingsley. Will the second half of the season be a battle of the Lyon brothers? “I think that the back half of the season will be more along the lines of Lucious has got to reach out in some way, and he’s just discovered he’s got a son,” Brett revealed. “How does he work that? Is that someone he welcomes into the family in some way form or fashion, or is it someone he has to destroy? I think that’s also going to be a question for each of the brothers and also for Cookie. What does it mean to have another Lyon cub out there?” Brett also teased that Kingsley’s reveal will shake up the Lyon brothers’ view as to “what it means to be a Lyon, and what it means to be a Lyon son. Does this mean that they have to share, or does this mean they have go into attack mode?”

In the flash forward, Cookie screams at Lucious while Andre flatlines. Given Kingsley’s confession, does this mean Lucious and Cookie’s relationship isn’t on the best of terms? Brett said: “I think this is sort of the journey that Cookie and Lucious have gone on for this entire season — how do they maintain their marriage? How do they maintain their happiness? How do they maintain their relationship? They have a lot of things coming at them. Are they going to be able to withstand them? I think what we’ve seen in the first half is that without Empire it’s a matter of them joining together as underdogs and building LFM, but if they were to get Empire back, what does it mean for their relationship and their marriage?”

As for that mysterious Damon Cross, he’s going to be back. “You will definitely see Damon Cross in flashbacks,” Brett noted. “You’re going to learn more about his relationship and more about what he wants. I will just say he is a threat to Cookie and Lucious’s marriage.”

Hakeem and Tiana are trying to figure out what’s best for themselves and the kids. They’re not together at the moment, but this doesn’t mean Hakeem is going to go down a dark path again. “I do think that part of that decision that he and Tiana make in terms of they’ve got to put their kids first is really a move to his maturation, and he is definitely going to try and keep to that,” Brett told HollywoodLife.

What about Kai and Jamal? The newly engaged couple hit a major crossroads in the fall finale. “I don’t think that was a little stumbling block. I think that was the essential question — is Jamal going to choose to be Kai’s husband, or is he going to choose to be Lucious and Cookie’s son? That is a decision he’s going to have to make. I do believe that they are in love with one another, but what does that mean for Jamal and the Lyons?” Empire will return with new episodes in 2019.

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