Emma Watson Referred to Herself as 'Sensible and Boring'

Emma Watson Referred to Herself as 'Sensible and Boring'

March 7, 2022

Emma Watson has lived the overwhelming majority of her life in the spotlight. At age 9, she beat out thousands of competitors and secured the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. But despite being one of the most famous people on the planet, not much is known about the actor’s personal life. But Watson claims that her private life isn’t nearly as exciting as fans may think.

Watson has gone to great lengths to maintain a private identity. The Bling Ring actor has shared that she wants people to suspend their disbelief when they watch her in films. Thus, she makes sure that she is tight-lipped about her personal life. However, occasionally, Waston will give fans a glimpse into her true personality. According to Watson, she’s been extremely sensible from a very young age.

Emma Watson explains that she was very serious from a young age

“I was always a very serious child,” Watson explained to W Magazine. “I remember being like 13 and girls being like ‘Felicity is gonna kiss Ben on the school fields.’ It’s amazing I had any friends because I was…I just remember saying ‘Well, that’s stupid. It’s too young to mean anything. He doesn’t love her and that’s just a waste of time.’ Like drinking or being sexy or smoking never really held any allure or excitement for me. I just wanted to wear a sports bra up until I was like 22. I couldn’t care less. So I guess I’ve just never been in a terrible rush to grow up or be seen as a woman.”

The ‘Harry Potter’ alum reveals that she’s sensible and boring

It seems that Watson’s sensibility only increased with age. Even when she had millions of dollars at her disposal, she made very practical choices. For example, Watson’s very first car wasn’t something flashy like a Mercedes or a Lexus. Instead, she opted for a very affordable Toyota Prius. “I love the Prius, even if my friends say it’s ugly,” Watson told Interview Magazine. “They say I drive a brick. And, to be fair, it’s not the prettiest car on the road, but it’s good for the environment. It’s sensible and boring—like me.”

Watson got frustrated with false assumptions made about her personal life

Because Watson describes herself and her personal life as boring, she sometimes got irritated with assumptions that were made about her. Though the Harry Potter movies made her a child star, her life was extremely structured and not terribly interesting when she wasn’t filming or promoting the movies.

“I used to get really frustrated by the child-star stigma that I would get when I spoke to journalists, and I think it’s because I lived this very sheltered life, where I’d have a chauffeur come and pick me up to take me to the studios,” Watson told GQ UK. “I’d only see this very specific group of people who I was doing these films with. I’d get back in my car and go home and do the same thing the next day.”

Clearly, Watson’s personal life isn’t as glamorous or exciting as fans may think. However, being “sensible and boring” seems to have helped the Beauty and the Beast star navigate an often chaotic industry.

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