EastEnders’ Danny Dyer teases Mick Carter return after exit

EastEnders’ Danny Dyer teases Mick Carter return after exit

February 23, 2023

Former EastEnders actor Danny Dyer has teased Mick Carter's return to the show after leaving in a dramatic episode on Christmas Day.

Danny, 45, who is about to become a grandfather for a second time, opened up on the Jonathan Ross Show about leaving EastEnders after being on it for nine years.

Danny said: “It’s a very emotional thing, it’s such a big part of me.”

He added: “I tell you what it is, I’m lazy. It’s f***ing hard. Thirty pages you’ve got to learn a day. It’s like a film a week. My final scenes were in the sea, in Ramsgate at 2am.

"We did the exteriors in the sea and the interiors you go to a water tank. But EastEnders couldn’t get Pinewood, so we had to go to Basildon.”

Danny's last episode, which aired on Christmas Day last year, saw his character Mick tried to save his ex-wife Linda Carter, who he had just reunited with, after she and Janine Butcher drove off a cliff and into the English Channel, where he disappeared at sea.

He continued: “It’s all warm and lovely but to make it look like the sea they put broccoli juice in it. You smell of a***. It’s f***ing broccoli juice. Warm broccoli juice. It was very emotional, but I stunk.”

Danny later went on to admit: “I do miss the people there, there’s no two ways about it but it’s a new chapter for me.”

After Jonathan points out his character’s body was never seen, so he could return, Danny said: “If it goes t**s up I can go back. I can turn up in three years’ time, walk in the Queen Vic smothered in seaweed…

“They wanted to keep it open. I’m very privileged and grateful for that job. It really did change my career and my life.”

When asked more about his character's exit from the show, Danny said: “You don’t have much say in it, I just wanted it to be exciting and quite cinematic. It went down really well, a lot of people were quite touched by it. People were sending me all this stuff, TikToks of kids crying, it really upset them.”

Jonathan then went on to ask Danny about his castmates: “Who will you miss the least?”

Danny replied: “There’s a few of them actually, I ain’t going to lie. I won’t say [who], you know. Most of them I love dearly. Not all…”

“So they know who they are, though?" Jonathan asked.

“I would have thought so,” Danny replied.



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