Duchess Meghan wears red Valentino for the Sussex arrival in Morocco

Duchess Meghan wears red Valentino for the Sussex arrival in Morocco

February 24, 2019

Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arriving in Morocco on Saturday evening. This wasn’t technically the tarmac “exit” as soon as they got off the plane. They apparently flew commercial, and so there were no exiting-the-plane-waving photos. These photos are the Sussexes’ “arrival” pics at the royal palace. Meghan looked especially glamorous, I think – her red coat is Valentino. Red is a significant color in Morocco, and their flag is almost completely red, so this is a piece of “theme dressing” or perhaps just dressing for the host country. I like that her hair is pulled back in a neat (but not crazy-tight) bun. I don’t like the beige heels or the beige-and-white clutch with this though. There were so many purse or clutch options and she chose that??

Omid Scobie confirmed several items throughout the day – the entourage for the three-day trip includes two assistant private secretaries, 3 communications staffers, a “digital officer” (probably the person photographing Harry and Meg for the Kensington Royal social media), one assistant, one hairdresser and the program coordinator. Scobie also confirmed that “medical provisions have been made” for Meghan, in case something happens with her pregnancy, I would assume.

Meanwhile, did you hear this? Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex has put the Mail on Sunday on notice – she considering suing the Mail because they published copies of her letter to her father, the same letter that he sold to the Mail on Sunday to prove that… he’s a toxic douche or whatever. The Guardian reports that Meghan believes she has a case under copyright law because the Mail published the actual handwritten copy of the letter. Just more evidence that Meghan is a master strategist, honestly.

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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