Donald Trump Will Reportedly Announce 2024 Campaign As Soon As Joe Biden Is Certified 2020 Winner

Donald Trump Will Reportedly Announce 2024 Campaign As Soon As Joe Biden Is Certified 2020 Winner

November 15, 2020

This is a truly horrifying thought…

Donald Trump is reportedly all set to announce his 2024 campaign plans as soon as Joe Biden is certified as the winner of the 2020 election, according to a bombshell new report from the New York Times. They say the campaign season starts earlier and earlier every cycle, but this?! This is absolute insanity, on multiple levels!

Per the report, Trump is currently “holed up in the White House” and coming to the “reluctant conclusion” that his presidency is actually over. (Good job, genius! You finally figured it out!) Aides reportedly told the Times that the President “knows it’s over,” even despite his crazy tweets about a rigged election and all that.

And so now that he’s thankfully finally realized it’s all over for him in politics, Trump is… planning on running again in 2024?!

Yes, according to the paper of record, Trump has “no master plan to fight the inevitable” when it comes to this election, but he’s keen on making sure his base of support stays with him over the next four years so he can make a comeback then. We can’t even believe it, but according to their report, the plan right now is that Trump will “announce his plans to run in 2024” almost immediately and just… ugh…

BTW, in case you are wondering, only one time in history has a President served two non-consecutive terms: Grover Cleveland, the first Democrat elected after the Civil War, served as the 22nd and 24th President. So it’s technically possible, though very rare. No president can serve more than two terms, either.

Of course, if he does run in 2024, Trump would be nearly 80 years old and, if elected then, would be the oldest person ever in office. Other Republicans are already jockeying for position to possibly run in the next four years, including current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Ohio governor John Kasich, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

Trump is also reportedly considering starting his own streaming media channel “to compete directly with Fox News,” according to a separate Axios report. That was something Trump had wanted to do in 2016 had he lost that election to Hillary Clinton, but he won it and, well, here are are now. Yeah…

Meanwhile, in DC…

Trump supporters held their ‘Million MAGA March’ this weekend in the nation’s capital, and while it was largely a (relatively) quiet affair, police did arrest at least 20 poeple on a variety of charges, including assault and weapons possession, according to Australian news outlet ABC News. One stabbing was reported at the march, as well, and two police officers were injured during several melees that got out of control as tensions flared at various points.

The President himself perhaps helped fan the flames when he drove through the march in his armored vehicle on Saturday. Fans went crazy to see him, though he never got out of the car and didn’t stay to make a speech or anything like that, instead opting to head to his club in the Virginia area to — you guessed it — play golf.

Anyways, can y’all even imagine four more years of having to hear about Trump? We can’t do it! Don’t make us put up with this s**t again for another term, in office or not! We’re DONE with this guy!

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