Dolly Parton Puts A Christmas Tree In Every Room

Dolly Parton Puts A Christmas Tree In Every Room

December 6, 2018

The legendary country singer is seriously into the holiday season.

Some people get seriously into the holiday season, and Dolly Parton is one of them. The legendary country music singer and cultural icon has made no secret of her fondness for the holiday season. In a recent appearance on Ellen, Parton revealed that she takes her love of Christmas to the next level.

According Taste of Country, Dolly Parton likes to go all out when it comes to Christmas. In fact, when she decorates for the holidays she puts a Christmas tree up in every single room of every one of her homes — now that’s a lot of holiday spirit.

“I have a lot of rooms in my house, and I have a Christmas tree in every one of them,” Parton said. “They’re all different sizes. I have different houses. I have a lake house and we decorate it with the theme of that, with water. Christmas is all about the kids.”

Parton was visiting Ellen to promote her new Netflix film Dumplin’, which is scheduled for release on December 7. The movie follows an overweight would-be beauty queen trying to make good in her small Texas town. Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald star as mother and daughter in the coming-of-age film. Parton’s music features heavily in the narrative of the film and she wrote the theme song for the soundtrack as well.

“I really felt honored that the movie was about a little girl that had been inspired by my music, because she wanted to be meaningful in my life,” Parton said. “It was about a book about me, so of course I should write the music, don’t you think?”

Producer and songwriter Linda Perry worked with Parton on the soundtrack, and the country icon was quick to sing her praises. According to Parton, Perry put together a big show to help families that were impacted by the California wildfires this year; ultimately, the show pulled in more than $1 million for those affected by the fires.

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The singer rounded out her appearance on the show with a gorgeous rendition of Dumplin’s theme song, ‘Girl in the Movies.’ The film is receiving a lot of positive early buzz, and could be a heavy contender come awards season — a fact which could make for a very merry Christmas indeed for everyone involved in production.

‘Girl in the Movies’ has already ben nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, and with a collection of classic Dolly Parton hits alongside some new favorites, Dumplin’ could prove to be the sleeper soundtrack hit of the holiday season.

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