Diddy Continues To Ask For Prayers To ‘Stop Pain’ Of Losing Kim Porter In Heartbreaking Insta

Diddy Continues To Ask For Prayers To ‘Stop Pain’ Of Losing Kim Porter In Heartbreaking Insta

December 7, 2018

This is heartbreaking. Three weeks after Kim Porter’s unexpected passing at 46, her ex Diddy is asking for ‘prayers’ because ‘money can’t stop the pain.’ See what else he had to say!

Diddy, 49, took to Instagram on Dec. 7 to post an uplifting pic reading “You’re about to be happier than you’ve ever been” — but it wasn’t really meant for his followers. The rapper was actually calling out for help, specifically in the form of prayer, after the death of his ex Kim Porter, 46.  “Me talking to myself #manifestation #secondbysecond THROUGH THE GRACE OF GOD,” he captioned the post. “HELP ME. HELP ME. HOD PLS HELP ME!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME CAUSE MONEY CANT STOP THE PAIN. ONLY YOU CAN GOD. ONLY PRAYER CAN HELP ME GOD PLS HELP US!!!! IF I DIDN’T NEED THE PRAYERS I WOULDN’T ASK. Prayer works. THANK YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU. WE all WE GOT! YOU ARE ALL WE GOT!!!! Love #TEAMLOVE.”

This emotional post comes just three weeks after Kim’s Nov. 15 passing. Diddy and his ex shared three kids together — Christian Combs, 20, and twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 11 — and the family members have been holding close to each other during this tough time. In fact, Diddy drove the girls to school on Dec. 3, which was their first day back, and posted a video from behind the wheel where he talked about stepping up to play “both roles” in the wake of Kim’s death. To go with the sweet footage, he wrote, “New day. New life new RESPONSIBILITIES. KIM I GOT THIS. Just like you taught me! I was trained by the best. #kimporter.”

Christian followed in his footsteps, bringing the girls home from school that same day. He drove them in his black Lambo and opened the door for the girls. So sweet!

As hard as this all must be for Diddy, we’re so glad to see that he is turning to his family and to prayer to help carry him through this painful time. Our thoughts are with him and the rest of Kim’s loved ones.

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