Demi Lovato’s Ex Max Ehrich Accused of Staging Sulky Beach Outing for Press

Demi Lovato’s Ex Max Ehrich Accused of Staging Sulky Beach Outing for Press

October 12, 2020

The former ‘Under the Dome’ star is called ‘an attention seeker’ and ’embarrassing’ after he’s caught on paparazzi’s camera moping on the beach where he supposedly proposed to the ‘Anyone’ singer.

AceShowbizMax Ehrich receives more hate rather than sympathy as he continues to express his sadness over the end of his relationship with Demi Lovato. The actor has been blasted for allegedly staging his recent moody sighting at the beach for the press.

Over the weekend, the “American Princess” star was spotted visiting a beach in Malibu, which is believed to be the same beach where he popped the question to Demi a few months ago. In a video obtained by TMZ, he was sitting alone on the beach with his head buried in his hands. At one point, he took off his blue cap while he continued looking in despair.

But many people were not buying that Max was genuinely sad in the video. Accusing the actor of planning this out and inviting paparazzi to take the video, one person called him out, “Being heartbroken? Sure. Understandable. Calling the paps and paying them to capture you mopping around? Gross.”

Another who doubted Max’s apparent gloomy feeling wrote on Twitter, “Oh please. Is anyone buying this nonsense? Such an attention seeker.” A third person agreed, adding, “exactly. his behavior is very erratic and psychotic it’s scary.”

“@ddlovato you really dodged a bullet with this one!!!” another chimed in, while someone else is worried about Demi’s safety, “It reminds me of the movie no one would tell. Hes f**king creepy and she needs to stay safe.”

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“he’s milking this – what an academy award worthy performance,” another accused Max of acting. Similarly, another pointed out that in his recent personal video, Max seemed to be in a different mood, “But he was laughing and streaminf Ice Cream by Selena Gomez literally last night.” Someone else remarked, “Is he not embarresed? This is very embaressing.”

Still, there were a few who defended Max, with one clapping back at the critic, “it’s only embarrassing because he’s being watched. . .these are regular human beings yk.” Another responded to the backlash, “Why? Dude not allowed to be upset the person he wanted to spend his life with split?”

Someone else, meanwhile, suggested that Max gets professional help for his mental health. “This guy needs counseling. Cheer up man. This world is full of surprises you don’t know whom you’ll meet tomorrow,” the user positively commented.

Prior to his beach sighting, Max pleaded with Demi’s fans to stop bullying him. “We’re both anti-bullying people so people should stop bullying,” he told TMZ. “What people think it’s about – it has nothing to do with anything.”

He was referring to claims that Demi broke up with him because he allegedly took advantage of her fame. Calling the rumors “ridiculous,” he said, “People shouldn’t believe what they’re reading.”

He also requested everyone leave them alone, as he’s planning to “let her be.” He added, “[We have to] do whatever’s the healthiest and safest for both of us.”

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