Demi Lovato Visits Pot Farm, Smokes Weed, Posts on IG

Demi Lovato Visits Pot Farm, Smokes Weed, Posts on IG

August 26, 2021

Demi Lovato — who recently revealed they’re “California sober” — certainly isn’t scared to flaunt the lifestyle … sharing vids of a visit to a pot farm and enjoying the product.

Demi posted pics and vids from their visit to the growing site for Ball Family Farms, a premium cannabis company in L.A. … capped off with a video where they’re smoking a joint in a car.

The singer captioned the vid, “Left w some goodies aka MIYAGI DO.”

Demi — who also came out as non-binary in May — has been very open about their 2018 near-death experience and the recovery process … which interestingly includes what has been dubbed, “California sober.”

Now, there’s no exact definition for that term, but it commonly means that the person uses a little marijuana and may drink in moderation.

It’s certainly a gray area — especially for addicts — and has been met with criticism by many folks … like ‘Intervention’ host Ken Seeley. The critics say sober is not a negotiation term … you either are or you aren’t.

Demi certainly doesn’t seem to care about the criticism, or if they do … they’re smoking it away.

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