Dec Donnelly hits back as ‘harsh’ I’m A Celeb viewers question stars’ tears over letters

Dec Donnelly hits back as ‘harsh’ I’m A Celeb viewers question stars’ tears over letters

December 7, 2021

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Dec Donnelly, one half of the legendary Ant and Dec presenting duo, stepped in to defend tearful I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestants, many of whom were sobbing into each other’s arms over the sorrow of missing their families and friends.

It came after Twitter user David McGregor had poked fun at the “drama”, tweeting: “I’ll never understand the drama over letters from home on TV shows.

It’s hardly a posting to a war zone

Godders, Twitter user

“I’ve ignored texts longer than they are in the jungle! #ImACeleb.”

46-year-old Dec shared the tweet with his and Ant’s 6.7 million followers, branding the criticism “harsh”.

“I think the people saying this are a bit harsh and probably don’t have small children!” he empathised.

“Bearing in mind they isolated for 2 weeks before the series they’ve now been away from family, camping with strangers and starved for a full month! D.”

Yet many of the presenting team’s followers refused to acknowledge Dec’s point.

Nikki Black, who’d been away from her husband for much longer periods at a time, wrote: “Military wife here. Can’t sympathise at all I’m afraid.”

Wendy Hardwick challenged: “Try being a member of the Armed Forces then.

“I was on Ops for 6 months, my daughter was only 8 months [old].

“Oh and again when she was 3 1/2 [years old[, that was even harder. These people need to see how lucky they are!!”

She added that the contestants should “stop moaning” about missing their nearest and dearest, as they were getting paid.

“It’s hardly a posting to a war zone,” agreed Godders.

“Two weeks in a hotel being paid a fortune followed by another paid two weeks playing games. And, yes, nobody forced them into it.”

Others pointed out that the celebrities had “chosen” to take part and were receiving a generous pay cheque.

Meanwhile Danny Smith joked that he would “opt in” to the experience, having suffered with unruly children at home.

“So happy when the kids go away, love the peace,” he wrote.

“Then after the 2nd day I am thinking I haven’t been kicked in balls or punched in the face – I will opt in for a few months if possible!”

However, some viewers sided with Dec in the debate.

Paul Stevenson chimed in: “Have to agree with Dec.

“When the kids and missus go away to see family and I can’t make it, due to work, for the first two days I’m like YES.. Hello remote control, hello takeaway menus, hello Rock music but by day three I’m pining like a lost puppy seeking begging for normality.”

Meanwhile, amid the controversy, the action in camp continues ahead of the ITV show’s third elimination.

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