Death In Paradise star Ralf Little’s warning during filming ‘Can you not do that please?’

Death In Paradise star Ralf Little’s warning during filming ‘Can you not do that please?’

January 7, 2022

Ralf Little says he tried to make Death In Paradise more meta

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Death In Paradise returns tonight with Ralf Little as DCI Neville Parker and Josephine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell. The crime drama, which is set in the fictional town of Saint Marie and filmed on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, has been eagerly anticipated.

Ralf, who star’s as the show lead, has addressed an issue behind the scenes when he was cheekily scolded.

It comes after the 42-year-old made an effort to improvise during one scene.

Recalling the moment in a new interview yesterday, Ralf attempted to persuade the show’s producers to allow him to ad lib while shooting the series.

His candid admission comes after the BBC favourite talked appearing as a guest on Death In Paradise almost a decade ago.

The TV star opened up on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show.

The actor joined host Sam Pinkham and regulars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander.

“I was in series two of the show as a guest. I was a red herring,” Ralf explained.

“I think that it was lucky that I was neither a murderer nor the victim, because maybe they wouldn’t have considered me for the role.”

He added: “I’m the only person that has been in the show twice.”

Rachel quizzed: “Surely there needs to be a throwback to that at some point?”

Ralf said that it would be “amazing” if the producers incorporated his earlier stint into the programme, as he said he has been attempting to improvise behind the scenes.

Addressing the moment he was told to stop, the actor explained that he whistled during a show take.


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“I’ve been trying to persuade [the producers] to do stuff like that,” he commented.

“I was whistling a couple of months ago on the show and in one take I just whistled a random tune.”

Ralf added: “It was the Death In Paradise theme tune.”

The on-screen star admitted that the film crew was left unimpressed as they halted filming.

He continued: “They were like, ‘Cut. Can you not do that please?’

“I said, ‘Oh come on. If Spiderman can be meta then surely we can.'”

Meanwhile, Ralf refused to dish any spoilers about tonight’s episode.

The Christmas special ended with Florence admitting she heard Neville ask her on a date, and fans are keen to find out if they will get together.

Death In Paradise airs tonight on BBC One at 9pm.

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