David Harbour Looks Unrecognizable Without Hair While Filming ‘We Have A Ghost’ — Photos

David Harbour Looks Unrecognizable Without Hair While Filming ‘We Have A Ghost’ — Photos

October 26, 2021

David Harbour was spotted filming the upcoming Netflix film ‘We Have A Ghost’ on Monday and sported a mostly bald combover hairstyle while filming scenes in two different outfits.

David Harbour, 46, showed off a new look while filming his upcoming Netflix flick We Have a Ghost on Oct. 25. The actor, who is known for having a full head of hair, had a mostly bald combover hairstyle for the part he was playing on the set as well as a clean shaven face. He was also photographed in two different costumes as he got into his character, which appears to be worlds away from his role as rugged police chief Jim Hopper on Netflix’s popular science fiction series Stranger Things.

The talented star walked around in a white and brown plaid short-sleeved button-down shirt over a white top and brown pants for some of the scenes in the new feature. His second outfit included an orange short-sleeved button-down bowling style shirt that read “Ernest” in black letters over the left upper chest area and gray pants.

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During his time on set, David seemed to be in good spirits and flashed many smiles while strolling around and exploring the locations he was filming in. He was also reportedly seen enjoying a soda as he was cooled down with a handheld fan.

In We Have A Ghost, David reportedly plays the character of Kevin, who finds out his house is being haunted by a ghost named Ernest. Kevin becomes an internet sensation but is then targeted by the CIA when he and Ernest “go rogue” to learn more about Ernest’s past, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to David, the highly-anticipated movie also stars Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Coolidge and Tig Notaro.

When David’s not working hard with his acting, he’s enjoying time with his lovely wife Lily Allen, 36. They both celebrated their one-year anniversary of marriage last month after tying the knot at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, NV. David gushed over his lady love in an interview with PEOPLE last year. “I married a beautiful, incredible woman who I love. I have never met someone who is so deeply kind as her. I’ve never felt so taken care of and cared for by another human being. She really is just a kind individual and I love that about her,” he told the outlet.

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