DaniLeigh’s Family Slams DaBaby as She’s Charged With Simple Assault Following Altercation

DaniLeigh’s Family Slams DaBaby as She’s Charged With Simple Assault Following Altercation

November 16, 2021

After police are called twice to the house of the ‘Intro’ spitter, his baby mama is charged with two counts of simple assault but has since left his home with her daughter.

AceShowbizDaniLeigh‘s altercation with DaBaby has landed her in a trouble with the law. The “Yellow Bone” songstress has been charged with two counts of simple assault after cops made two visits to the rapper’s home.

DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, first called cops on Dani on Sunday night, November 14 following their heated argument on Instagram Live. At the time, the Grammy Award-winning artist told cops his baby mama struck him, but the officers left without making an arrest. The singer filmed the police’s visit that night, but she refused to talk to them in the video.

On Monday at approximately 9:35 A.M., police were called to the rapper’s house again and responded to a report of disturbance. Following their investigation, they found enough evidence to cite Dani, whose real name is Danielle Leigh Curiel, for two misdemeanor assaults, one for Monday’s altercation and another for Sunday’s incident.

According to Rolling Stone, DaBaby went to the Magistrate’s Office at the referral of the police where he pressed charges against Dani. “As a result of the investigation, Curiel was served with a Criminal Summons for Simple Assault. Officers also obtained additional information that led them to charge Curiel with a second count of Simple Assault from the incident on Nov. 14,” the statement read.

During his IG Live on Sunday night, DaBaby said, “I gotta record you for my safety. You ain’t fitting to bring this Black man down.” It would appear that the assault already went down before he filmed it and was recording Dani out of fear that she might do it again and claim he had hit her instead.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Dani revealed she has taken her daughter out of town. She posted on her Story a picture showing the ceiling and air vents of a commercial jet. “I left and me and my baby safe … Thank y’all for the support …,” she wrote over it.

Dani’s family has also weighed in on the drama. “I didn’t want to address this until I knew my daughter and granddaughter were safe,” Dani’s mother wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for your texts, DMs, and phone calls. This is clearly a toxic situation and all we wanted to do was to get her out safely.” She added that they are doing their best to make sure Dani and her daughter are cared for.

Dani’s sister denied Dababy’s claim that the “Breakfast Can Wait” singer’s family “disowned” their daughter. “I never wanted to get involved because that’s not the type of person I am but you can never say we ‘disowned’ the baby. I’ve loved her since the day she found out she was pregnant,” she wrote. “Collecting photos, planning the baby shower (that you didn’t come to), and making sure she was mentally stable without you there. I know my truth and you know yours.”

She added, “It’s very sad that one day in the future the little baby will know this whole problem and what he did to her mother and how he humiliated her. I would never wish this situation on anyone, this is something that no one should have gone through.”

Dani’s brother, meanwhile, threatened to fight DaBaby as he admitted that he “never liked” the rapper.

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