Constance Nunes Spills Out Of Low Cut Shirt In Sexy New Snapshot

Constance Nunes Spills Out Of Low Cut Shirt In Sexy New Snapshot

December 9, 2018

Constance Nunes is flaunting her curves on social media yet again. The Car Masters: From Rust to Riches star showcased her cleavage and her beloved car all in one photograph over the weekend.

On Sunday, Dec. 9, Constance Nunes share a photo to herself — to Instagram — leaning into the back seat of her pride and joy, her Mustang, which she restored on her own. In the sexy snapshot, Constance is seen showing off her cleavage as she leans into the back of her beloved vehicle.

Nunes goes makeup free in the photo, as she dons a long-sleeved black shirt with a v-neck to show off all of her assets. Constance’s long, dark hair is pulled up into a messy ponytail on top of her head, as she sports a pair of jeans and a smile on her face.

In the caption of the photo, the TV personality reveals that she’s been working hard to restore the interior of her Mustang, changing it from a white color to black with gray accents.

“I’m about to embark on attempting my headlines so I’d love any suggestions from you guys on tips and tricks,” Nunes tells her social media followers, urging them to leave their suggestions in the comment section.

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You guys! I’ve been really dedicated to trying to do my interior in #babystang on my own….I’m converting everything from white and blue on the inside to black with some dark grey accents…..I’m about to embark on attempting my headliner so I’d love any suggestions from you guys on tips and tricks! So let’s hear it in the comments below ????

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Constance Nunes has been called the ideal woman by many of her admirers. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she is also a skilled engine mechanic, who helps restore old cars in the Netflix series, Car Masters: From Rust to Riches.

During a recent interview with Maxim, Constance revealed that she’s looking for a guy who can accept her for who she is, and can love her strange sense of humor.

“I like someone who laughs at the dumb s*** I say. I need someone who finds my sense of humor appealing and relatable,” Nunes stated.

As for what she’s looking for in a man, the car mechanic says that a guy can catch her attention if he rides up in muscle car or dirt bike while sporting some “questionable tattoos” and wearing a Metallica t-shirt, adding that her ideal date would be simple.

“My perfect date would be going to see a drag race or monster truck rally. I like that kind of stuff. Something loud and fun and then follow it up with In-N-Out and beer in the bed of a truck just hanging out,” Constance Nunes told the magazine.

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