Christie Brinkley Shares Picture Of Her Tight Body In Black Bikini, Shows How Amazing 64 Can Look

Christie Brinkley Shares Picture Of Her Tight Body In Black Bikini, Shows How Amazing 64 Can Look

January 12, 2019

For Christie Brinkley, age is just a number.

The 64-year-old model took to Instagram this week to share a picture of herself rocking a black and white bikini and showing off her incredible body. The picture earned some viral interest across the internet, with fans sharing some very supportive comments and noting how she looked decades younger than her actual age.

To those who might be wondering how she manages to look roughly half her age, Christie shared some of her secrets in the picture’s comments.

“Dive on in over at @brinkleybeauty and explore all the amazing #allnatural award-winning ingredients that our #authenticbeautyskincare line can offer you!!!”

Christie shared more on the Brinkley Beauty Instagram page, including a slightly more revealing photo of herself rocking the same black and white bikini in a tropical locale.

Christie Brinkley has been open about some of the other measures she’s taken to stay looking so young, including some more experimental steps. As Brinkley shared in an interview with Coveteur, she has experimented with Xeomin, a neurotoxin that is injected into the neck and chest area to help lift the skin.

Brinkley added that she was turned on to the neurotoxin after studying up and finding that it had no additives and worked like a charm.

“While [toxins have] been around for a long time, this is the newest one, and I like that it is pure – with nothing added,” she said. “That’s what interested me. [And] nowadays, they know where they’re putting it. They put it in the frown lines… It eases off the expression, and let’s face it — with what’s going on in the world today, who doesn’t need their expression eased off a little bit? I was like, ‘All right, this has been a pretty trying time. I’ll give it a go.’ And I don’t look nearly as worried as I am.”

Showing off apparently runs in the family. While Christie Brinkley has long been in the spotlight, her 20-year-old daughter has more recently started getting attention. Sailor Brinkley Cook, 20, has taken after mom in the looks department and has gotten quite a bit of press recently for sharing her own bikini-clad pictures. Many commented on the striking similarities between Sailor and her mom, despite the 43-year age gap between the two.

Christie Brinkley only has a few more weeks to show off her amazing 64-year-old body in a bikini. The model will turn 65 on February 2.

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