Chris Brown Takes Offset Feud To Another Level By Dragging Cardi B Into It: ‘Ima Send Ya Girl Flowers’

Chris Brown Takes Offset Feud To Another Level By Dragging Cardi B Into It: ‘Ima Send Ya Girl Flowers’

February 9, 2019

Chris Brown went even further in his feud with Offset by dragging along his wife Cardi B into it! Read the latest on their fight inside!

Singer Chris Brown, 29, and Migos member 27-year-old Offset’s feud doesn’t look like it’ll be dying down anytime soon! Chris clapped back at Offset yet again, when he posted an Instagram photo on Feb. 9 and wrote in the caption that he’d send flowers to Offset’s estranged wife, Grammy-nominated rapper Cardi B, 26. “So you just dance ya [sic] way out of my comments,” Chris said, obviously directing his caption at Offset. “Ima [sic] send ya [sic] girl flowers so she know I respect her.” Chris also said he’s “disappointed” in Offset, and then connected his recent behavior to his father.

Chris and Offset’s feud began on Feb. 3, when Chris shared a 21 Savage meme, after news broke that ICE deported him. Offset commented on Chris’ Instagram, “Memes ain’t funny lame,” clearly hurt by the news about 21 Savage, and not wanting to see people make light of the awful situation. Chris, however, full on retaliated back at Offset, inviting Offset to his home and threatening to beat him up. Chris’ comment about Offset dancing out of his comment sections was clearly referencing Offset from earlier in the week.

We’re sure Cardi doesn’t want to be connected with all of this drama – especially considering she was nominated for four Grammy Awards! Cardi’s up for Record of the Year (“I Like It”), Album of the Year (Invasion of Privacy), Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (“Girls Like You”), Best Rap Performance (“Be Careful”), and Best Rap Album (Invasion of Privacy). Oh, and of course, Cardi also has her six-month-old daughter Kulture to worry about! She doesn’t need to be pulled into this drama, and it doesn’t really make sense why Chris would drag her into it in the first place.

We hope Chris doesn’t keep dragging Cardi into his fight with Offset, and that the two grown men can resolve their issues soon enough. Hopefully, they can go back to focusing on their music. One thing’s for sure, though – we’re definitely Team Cardi!

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