Chloe Madeley shows off baby bump in bikini as she teases ‘angry’ husband James Haskell

Chloe Madeley shows off baby bump in bikini as she teases ‘angry’ husband James Haskell

June 11, 2022

Chloe Madeley and her husband James Haskell are currently enjoying a romantic getaway together, with the pair keeping fans updated by posing for a "piccy" in their accommodation.

The sweet snap was shared on the 34 year old star's Instagram page in which she made fun of her "angry" partner, 37, and showed off her baby bump.

Chloe could be seen sitting on James' lap in a navy blue bikini with white polka dots while the former rugby player donned snug pink swimming trunks.

Captioning the post, Chloe wrote how her husband had blamed her "giant drum" for breaking a chair when asking for the "piccy".

She penned: "Our last hurrah. James looks angry because we’ve only been here 24hrs and he’s already broken one chair.

"He said if my 'giant drum' breaks another one so I can take a 'cute piccy' he’s not paying for it. He also told me not to call it a 'piccy'."

The soon-to-be mum-of-one added: "The facial expression in piccy 2 is his compromise between panic and a smile. @jameshaskell cheer up misery guts."

James is known to wind his wife up having previously posted various mischievous digs via social media.

In March, he branded her a "huge sea cow" as she swam underwater, while clad in a bikini.

He commented: "Bloody hell you go snorkelling and the first thing you see is a huge sea cow doing a mating display!

"She appears to think I’m her partner. I didn’t know whether to harpoon it or feed it."

James announced Chloe's pregnancy in February whilst appearing on Good Morning Britain with her dad, Richard Madeley.

The GMB host, 66, began: "There's another thing that we need to talk about and I'm going to talk to you now as your father-in-law.

"It's about my daughter Chloe, your wife. What do you want to tell us?"

"Well, Richard. Chloe and I are expecting our first child," beamed James, before he added: "We're going to be having a little girl and you will be a grandfather once again."

The proud father-in-law then showed viewers a baby scan of his granddaughter, commenting that it appeared as though she was "reading the paper".

James added: "Let's hope she has her mother's looks because if she looks anything like me then we're in a spot of bother."

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