Britney Spears Prenup with Sam Asghari Leaves Him With Nothing

Britney Spears Prenup with Sam Asghari Leaves Him With Nothing

August 18, 2023

britney spears Sam Asghari

Britney Spears will not have to ante up any money to estranged husband Sam Asghari, at least based on their prenup, but our sources say there’s a big reason she’ll feel compelled to write him a substantial check.

Sources with direct knowledge of the prenup tell TMZ … Sam gets no payout in the event of divorce. In addition, the prenup precludes him from getting spousal support. He can keep the gifts Britney gave him and his cars, but that’s about it.

britney spears Sam Asghari

Our sources say there’s an “extensive confidentiality clause” in the prenup, prohibiting Sam from talking about his relationship with Britney.

So on the surface, it seems Sam’s getting nothing of significance, but that’s not the case.

As we reported, Sam’s lawyer, Neal Hersh, filed divorce docs which ask for spousal support. Given the prenup precludes such support, Hersh’s move signals a challenge to the prenup. There are other elements of the divorce filing suggesting a challenge … writing about community and quasi-community property.

The argument goes this way … if the prenup is successfully challenged, the confidentiality clause is not enforceable. Even the threat of that will get Britney’s attention.

Here’s the reality. Multiple sources tell TMZ … Sam has A LOT of first-hand knowledge about Britney, their relationship, their arguments, her challenges, etc., and if there’s even a possibility any of that might become public, Britney will gladly pay Sam for peace of mind.

Our sources say Britney and Sam’s lawyers will negotiate and she will end up writing him a check for several hundred thousand dollars and that will be that. Part of that settlement will include a confidentiality clause that will require Sam to return any money he gets if he violates the NDA.

So this one will never go to trial.

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