Brad Pitt had his kids overnight on his birthday, it was the first time in a month?

Brad Pitt had his kids overnight on his birthday, it was the first time in a month?

December 19, 2018

Monday was Brad Pitt’s 55th birthday. He spent the day in LA, and after his birthday, he made sure that various outlets got the “tip” that he had spent his birthday with his kids, minus Maddox. Even though Brad and Angelina have signed onto a more permanent custodial structure, check out how these “sources” even admit that Brad can’t see his kids on his birthday without being monitored:

Brad Pitt had a family-filled 55th birthday! A source told Us Weekly that the Fury actor was joined by five of his kids in L.A. on Monday, December 17.

“Brad had the kids overnight — all but [eldest] Maddox — which was incredibly significant because it was the first time since the custody deal was recently reached,” the source dished.

“The overnight was monitored as part of the custody agreement, as Brad’s visits with the children have been since this slog began two years ago” the insider added of the conditions negotiated between Pitt and his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie. “The kids have a routine at Brad’s house, with a very strict bedtime and limited screen time, including iPads.”

“The visits will continue to be monitored, including the overnights until the therapists agree that it’s no longer needed,” the source told Us. “This is a transition time for the entire family, and it’s being done with a lot of input from the therapists.”

As for how the Fight Club actor is handling the strict terms of the custody agreement, the source noted that he “knows he is on the path to having the kids back in his life in a much more meaningful and significant way.”

[From Us Weekly]

This was the first time Brad has had the kids overnight since the custody deal was reached…like, a month ago? So much for “Brad got what he wanted” and “he has close to 50% custody.” Also: he’s still being monitored, even on his birthday. And it’s what the therapists recommend. And he considers the last two-plus years a “slog” because Mean Villainess Angelina overreacted so badly to…*checks notes* Brad getting physical with Maddox, who still refuses to see him. Happy birthday, Brad. Ugh.

Also: the British tabloids have picked up this story about Pax wishing “stud” Brad a happy birthday on Instagram. I really do not believe that is Pax’s real Instagram account though. I wouldn’t be surprised if the older kids have IGs, but I bet they’re all set to “private.”

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