Binky Felstead admits ‘I could cry at anything’ as newborn baby bubble ‘bursts’

Binky Felstead admits ‘I could cry at anything’ as newborn baby bubble ‘bursts’

May 22, 2023

Weeks after giving birth, Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead has said that the newborn baby bubble has "burst" and she could "cry at anything."

Binky, 32, and her husband Max Fredrik Darnton welcomed baby Wilder into the world on 15 April, making them a family of five.

Wilder is the pair's second child together as they have little Wolfie, who is just two years old, and Binky is also mum to India, five.

Both Binky and her husband have been sharing their journey with a newborn on social media, giving no holds barred accounts of what life is really like at the moment.

On Monday, Binky shared an open and honest post about welcoming her third baby.

She shared a sweet snap of herself with a wide-eyed Wilder alongside the heartfelt caption: "So my ‘baby bubble’ has officially burst.

"Not for any reason other than I’ve got two other kids & I really can’t lie around all day- nor do I want to anymore really. I’ve been sick for 3 weeks now, on antibiotics AND definitely feeling just a bit ‘meh’ again.

"Another tricky week apparently week 6 … you’re in the thick of it & just getting on as best you can but no rest, help or chocolate is helping the tiredness.

"The flowers & presents have stopped being sent & I’m desperately waiting for that first smile that’s not a dream or a ‘pop pop’!!"

Binky continued: "I feel like I could cry at anything & everything & know I’m overthinking driving myself mad.

"My breastfeeding journey is coming to an end for various reasons… BUT I’ve got my 6 week check this week ( hurrah!) & that makes me happy as I know I’m going to be able to start moving again soon if I get the ‘all clear’. Giving something back to myself.."

Binky finished up by saying: "Sending love to anyone else in the same boat! You’ve got this x. Tomorrow is a new day. #fourthtrimester."

The comments section of the post was soon full of supportive messages for the mum of three.

One follower replied: "You’re incredible Binky, sending you so much love and strength xx."

Binky's mum replied to the emotional post too, as she said: "Proud of you darling, always remember tomorrow is another day, and they’re going to be glorious things to buy, friends to laugh with- fabulous places to go – and your ancient Crone of a mother to look after."

Yet another supportive follower replied: "So sorry to hear you have been poorly. Well done for all the breastfeeding that u have done he's had the best stuff.

"Do not criticise yourself, you have 3 young children, that's a challenge in itself, you're a great mum, never doubt that xxx."

While another comment read: "The early weeks are so tough. Sending love you’re doing amazing!"


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