Billy McFarland Nailed for $2.8 Million in Lawsuit Over Fyre Festival

Billy McFarland Nailed for $2.8 Million in Lawsuit Over Fyre Festival

February 9, 2019

8:53 AM PT — Although Ja is a defendant in EHL’s lawsuit … he is NOT on the hook for the $3 mil. The judge only hit McFarland for failing to respond to the suit.

8:32 AM PT — Ja Rule doesn’t seem concerned. He tells us, “this is FAKE NEWS GUYS LOL.”Billy McFarland is gonna have to scrounge together about $3 mil to pay back an investment company that got screwed when Fyre Festival imploded … TMZ has learned.

EHL Funding sued Ja Rule and Billy over $3 million they loaned the duo less than 3 weeks before Fyre Fest was supposed to go down in April 2017. As we all know now — courtesy of the Netflix and Hulu documentaries — McFarland was way over his head at that time and scrambling to get any and all financial support for the concert.

According to docs, EHL won a default judgment because Billy didn’t respond to the lawsuit. McFarland’s been a little busy — he started serving a 6-year prison sentence for wire fraud last year.

The judge ordered him to fork over $2,891,600 … plus 30 percent interest dating back to August 2017 … and EHL’s attorney fees — which ya just know are gonna be enormous.

Big win for EHL … on paper. Collecting from these guys might be tough.

Fun fact: McFarland is doing his time at NY’s Otisville federal prison … same place Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is locked up. President Trump‘s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, will be there soon too! 

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