Billie Eilish Subtly Debuted a New Fairy Hand Tattoo at the 'No Time to Die' Premiere in London

Billie Eilish Subtly Debuted a New Fairy Hand Tattoo at the 'No Time to Die' Premiere in London

October 2, 2021

Billie Eilish just subtly debuted some new ink—so subtly, in fact, that she may have actually *accidentally* debuted some new ink.

Basically, on Tuesday, Billie traveled to London (along with her brother, Finneas) to walk the red carpet at the premiere of the newest James Bond movie, No Time to Die. Billie was a no-brainer for the guest list, obviously, since her song “No Time to Die” is the movie’s theme song.

Billie opted for a head-to-toe black ensemble and put in some obligatory time posing for photos in front of the movie’s logo and even 007’s iconic Aston Martin:

She even met with actual royalty and was snapped looking like fast fam with Kate Middleton (who, for the record, looked like a Greek goddess/Bond girl herself in a stunning gold gown with a matching cape):

A few times during the exciting evening, Billie also gave us some quick glimpses of what appeared to be a new hand tattoo:

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The monochrome tattoo appears to be of two fairies dancing on the back of Billie’s left hand. It’s beautiful, but, TBH, it’s hard to tell if Billie wanted the world to see it yet. In several pictures from the No Time to Die red carpet, she actually seems to be actively hiding the ink. First of all, her outfit for the night featured long sleeves that were often pulled down over her wrists:

And then, other times, she semi-awkwardly covered her left hand with her right like she was hiding the tat:

Of course, even if she was keeping the new ink as low-key as possible at the premiere, we have to imagine Billie was fine with fans eventually getting a look at the new tattoo, which is not her first. She reportedly has “Eilish” tattooed in “ornate, gothic font, in the middle of her chest” (she discussed that ink in a Vanity Fair interview last year, but declared that fans “won’t ever see it”) and she also has a huge, black dragon tattooed on her leg (fans did get a look at that one, thanks to her sexy Vogue shoot).

Even if she was being a little secretive about the new tattoo on the carpet, Billie clearly got all the way over any shyness about showing off the new ink after the event, judging by her No Time to Die photo dump on IG, which included a cropped shot highlighting her new body art.

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