‘Big Brother’ Star Jessica Graf Posts First Baby Bump Photo, Blasts Online Body Shamers

‘Big Brother’ Star Jessica Graf Posts First Baby Bump Photo, Blasts Online Body Shamers

December 8, 2018

The outspoken reality star reveals why she almost didn’t share photos from her pregnancy to social media.

Jessica Graf is showing off off her first baby bump photo more than halfway through her pregnancy. The Big Brother 19 alum, who married co-star Cody Nickson after a whirlwind year that included an incredible Amazing Race win, debuted her 22-week baby bump on Instagram.

Graf posed in a black top and a gray skirt as she held her belly in the sweet snap. The Big Brother star teased how far along she is in the photo by holding up a sign that said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”

The 27-year-old reality star also revealed why it took her so long to give fans a side view of her belly. In the caption of the photo, which is set in front of the CBS couple’s Christmas-themed fireplace, Jessica Graf explained that she was reluctant to post the personal photo due to online trolls who body shame her.

While Graf revealed that she is confident and has developed a “thick skin” for rude comments, it wasn’t until a friend posted a vulnerable postpartum pic that the outspoken reality star decided that she wanted to inspire women to be confident during pregnancy rather than avoid the issue altogether.

Graf closed her caption by writing, “To all my Mommas out there, you’re beautiful and the haters can suck it!”

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By popular demand! My first bump photo ???? I’ve had a lot of people ask me to post photos of my bump, and honestly, I’ve chosen not to because people online can be TROLLS! I’m very confident, and rude comments don’t bother me anymore. I’ve developed tough skin for it and I’ve also developed one hell of a “Blocked” list so I dont see most of it. The few rude comments I do see, Cody and I enjoy laughing at because the effort put in to hurt someone you have never mets feelings, it’s pretty pathetic! So I’ve avoided putting my bump photos online to avoid opening the door for body shaming. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Who would body shame someone who’s pregnant?” Congratulations. You’re a human who has common sense and A SOUL! Unfortunately, not everyone does and there will still be hate somewhere on this post! What made me change my mind and encouraged me to post my bump update was an individual I just started following, @sazan. She recently posted a very vulnerable photo of her 3 weeks postpartum. Seeing your body go through such drastic changes is hard and can sometimes take a hit to your confidence level! But I would rather be a woman like @sazan who inspires confidence than to avoid the issue all together! So to all my Mommas out there, you’re BEAUTIFUL and the haters can SUCK IT!

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Jessica Graf met future husband Cody Nickson on season 19 of Big Brother in 2017. The couple went on to win The Amazing Race in February, where they talked about their dream to start a family together. According to Gold Derby. after the couple’s $1 million dollar Amazing Race win, Cody Nickson told the show’s longtime host, Phil Keoghan, about the couple’s dream of having a big family.

“Now we have a foundation as far as money goes to set up a family for ourselves,” the former Marine Corps infantryman said.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson tied the knot in October in Malibu, a little more than a year after they met o the summertime reality show, Big Brother. Shortly after their wedding, the reality TV lovebirds revealed they are expecting baby girl, due on April 11, which is just two days after proud papa Cody’s birthday.

Nickson, who is also father to a daughter, Paisley, from a previous relationship, joked to Us Weekly that he wants to name the baby “Jessica, the Second.” The Big Brother star then added that while the baby’s real name has already been picked, he and Jessica want to keep it a surprise.

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