BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay mistakenly goes on-air in wife’s clothing

BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay mistakenly goes on-air in wife’s clothing

April 25, 2023

Jon Kay awkward blunder on BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast host Jon Kay suffered an embarrassing wardrobe mishap this morning when he accidentally wore accessories belonging to his wife for the live broadcast, which saw fellow presenters label his look “magnificent”.

Taking to Twitter, Jon Kay revealed exactly what had happened, and followers have been left very amused.

The BBC Breakfast presenter tweeted: “Errr…. I appear to be wearing my wife’s glittery socks,” next to a head in hand emoji.

Users were quick to respond with ex co-star Dan Walker leading the charge.

In response, he tweeted: “Magnificent! I think I turned up for the show in golf shoes once. Far too early to be getting dressed.”

Others also poked fun at Jon: “Perfect attire for a morning where you’re talking about Len Goodman and Strictly!”

Another said: “Would the sensible thing to do is get your clothes ready before bed! I used to when I started at 2.30am for bakery.”(sic)

One eagle eyed tweeter claimed to have spotted another issue with the sock choice.

Making the situation even more embarrassing, they wrote: “This made me laugh a lot! And it’s inside out is it not?”

This isn’t the first time Jon has had a fashion blunder on air either.

While presenting on the ground in Cambridge during a heatwave last year, the presenter had to take his jacket off after being pooed on by a pigeon.

He said to weather star Carol Kirkwood: “Carol, have you got any tips for removing bird poo from linen jackets? Because I’ve just been splatted by a pigeon.”

Attempting to contain her hysterics, Carol replied: “Try one of these wet wipe things – it might spread it a wee bit, but if you use a few…”

Jon looked dubious and said: “It could get messy, couldn’t it? I’m slightly anxious about doing this.

“I’ve also got another jacket – maybe we’ll go for that option for now and hit the dry cleaners a bit later!”

The TV star headed off to change and added: “In the meantime – I’m just glad it wasn’t a swan, to be honest. It was just a pigeon.”

He returned moments later rocking a navy blazer. The glittery socks seems a minor issue in comparison now, Jon.

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