Artie Lange tests positive for cocaine, dodges jail time

Artie Lange tests positive for cocaine, dodges jail time

December 15, 2018

Comedian Artie Lange appeared in a New Jersey court on Friday where he tested positive for cocaine — but was spared jail time for a violating his probation, a report said.

Lange, who is serving four years probation for heroin possession, was ordered to apply to drug court during his appearance at state Superior Court in Newark, according to

He said the drug should not have been in his system. Cocaine usually leaves the body just hours after its use.

“I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to come in here after using cocaine for two days,” said Lange, 51. “It’s in my system and it shouldn’t be.”

Lange’s nose is misshapen due to years of snorting heroin and cocaine, the website said. He also tested positive for amphetamine, benzodiazepines and Suboxone.

After Lange’s court appearance, he thanked the judge for her leniency.

“The judge and Prosecutor were unbelievably compassionate,” Lange tweeted.

“I’m not high. So I see it clearly now. They wanna save my life. 10 days ago when I left rehab I had to touch the flame. I used Cocaine.”

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