Ariana Grande Is Hanging Out With Her Ex Ricky Alvarez

Ariana Grande Is Hanging Out With Her Ex Ricky Alvarez

January 10, 2019

Radar Online is reporting that Ariana Grande is bouncing back from her break up and finally getting on a new man. Although it’s not so much of a new man as much as it is going through your contacts, finding your ex and calling him up after midnight. The Call of Booty: it hits us all.

While Ari had originally said that she was going to have a No Dick New Year (AKA her New Year’s Resolution was to stay single), she has decided to hang around at least one: her dancer ex Ricky Alvarez. It’s 2019 and Ariana is apparently releasing another album this year, so it makes sense that there are now “sources” showing up to talk about her dating life. Here’s one:

“Ariana and Ricky are so close already and have been hot and cold romantically since they split in the summer of 2016… She is comfortable around him and she trusts him. More importantly, her family trusts Ricky.”

Apparently her family hated Pete Davidson and were psyched to see them break up, but Ricky is another story. They love Ricky! He’s “different”:

“They didn’t like Pete and her brother made this known… He did not try to sugarcoat it and neither did other members of her family… [Ricky] and Ariana have worked together for years and he is beyond loyal to her… The two of them have open communication and their chemistry is just undeniable.”

Hear that Pete “10-Inches“ Davidson? Their chemistry is “undeniable”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. But don’t worry, Ariana isn’t exactly officially-official with Ricky; she’s keeping things on a more Friends With Benefits-type of deal:

“Ariana is not looking for anything serious right now and neither is he… They spent New Year’s Eve together and have hooked up recently, but it is nothing more than friends with benefits at this point. She will continue working with him, just as she has been for years. If something happens, something happens.”

I can’t imagine my friends calling a tabloid to be like: “No they’re not dating, they just swap blowjobs in the Tim Horton’s parking lot.” Friends don’t expose each other like that! Ariana needs to get her some better friends. Or she needs to pay her publicist more. You know, whichever.

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